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    Which e-file should I get, Kupa or KiaraSky?

    Hey, guy need some advice am a professional nail tech debate on which e file to get I have the kupa passport but had to sell it during covid. Now am between the kupa and the kiarasky efile I did like my kupa but I wanted the display on the kiara and the design look more to my preference. Just...
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    Soak-off pod gel?

    Which one do u prefer more the presto or akzentz gel?
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    Soak-off pod gel?

    R they easy to remove??
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    Soak-off pod gel?

    Hey, all nailgreek out there!!! Do any off you guy know/recommend any good soak-off gel that come in a pod??? Am planning to be a mobile tech soon and would like to have soak-off gel pod since it more convinced to me as a mobile tech Any recommend soak-off gel pod brand would be appreciate!!!!
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    Cats eye price?

    How much do you guy charge for cat eye??
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    Recommendation for UV soak off gel please!

    Oh my bad try cnd brisa sculpting gel instead since you are using UV lamp for curing. As for lifting you need to make sure the client didn’t wash their hand with soak & moisture before appt. make sure to push and remove all cuticle from nail bed and then bond before applying product. What type...
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    Recommendation for UV soak off gel please!

    I like calgel as a soak off builder gel as well as color
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    SNS help!

    SNS is a dipping system. I say they are both equal in favorable since dipping system cant do a lot of stuff like acrylic can. Like in capsules and extending sculpt on nail.
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    You use a wooden stick to slid through the brush after soaking the brush in cleaning solution if the brush in a bad stat. But goes easy on the brush when cleaning it because you don’t want the bristle to be ruining. After you done cleaning it reshape and lay it flat of hung it up with the head...
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    LED or UV lamp for Shellac?

    You can alway buy hybrid lamp that can cure both led and uv gel
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    Removal of Light Elegance Butter Gel?

    Can anyone tell me how to remove light elegance gel from the natural nail? And if it can be refill?
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Loving this light elegance your chur color!
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    Tips on working with Glam and Glitz

    It also seem that it work best when it use wet. Just like soonergirlnails said you should check out Sarah’s YouTube channel as she use this brand a lot
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    Tips on working with Glam and Glitz

    Maybe u need to use their monomer.
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    Choosing a gel nail brand, help please!

    I like gellyfit it has great formula and the bottle are super cute. I also just try out light elegance last week and so far am starting to like this brand too. Another gel brand I like is calgel it is one of the best gel I have use so far but the downfall to it is that it super expensive.
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    Branching out to new gels!

    Gellyfit is a good gel
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    Polygel lifting

    It could be too thin, cuticle not press back enough, or apply too much liquid there.
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    How to apply nail foil?

    Adhesive foil - gel color - cure - press foil against nail with pressure where u want the foil to transfers - top coat - cure Pot Foil - acrylic - gel color - pick foil piece up with tweezer - place where u like it - Top coat Or Pot/cut foil (acrylic) - thin acrylic color - pick - place foil on...
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    How to apply nail foil?

    Aren’t those flake foil that come in a pot???
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    Best pot gel?

    What it the best pot gel out there? Had anyone used gellyfit? What ur thought on it? What about Presto gel pot?