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    ASP products - help!

    there is a dedicated ASP help line where you can talk to someone and get all the help you need. The store you training at should have given you their number.
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    Show us your Cuccio Veneer!

    Do you have the powder
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    Show us your Cuccio Veneer!

    The Cuccio Veneer Buy one get one free offer runs through the whole of October you can buy it online as well as calling HQ .
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    Cuccio pamper parties?

    The Cuccio Pamper Parties, retail brochure and support material are only available for professionals . The aim is to help professionals increase their income by providing them with the materials to support their customers and benefit from the fantastic response to Cuccio products from Consumers...
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    Cuccio Veneer?

    Indeed you can and of course support and Education and testing the product as well as personal recommendation. Such great choices for our industry make it a very exciting time. :lol:
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    Am I completely mad, or is it a good idea?

    Give Sara a call at Cuccio HQ 01159753656 and she can help you with some samples and free marketing material.
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    Cuccio Veneer?

    I would think by the ML Cnd would be more expensive but you cant just judge a product or company by price.
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    Cuccio veneer application?

    Call Sara at Cuccio on 01159753656 and she can help you and email instructions.
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    Cuccio L&P, any good and is it better than ASP?

    you wont find Cuccio in Sallys, but you can phone the technical support team 01159753656 if you are unable to get the result you want or if you need any technical support.
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    Cuccio Veneer

    if you don't get the result you want then you can contact the technical support team either by phone 01159753656 or they can send a technician to help you . All the support you could ever need to get the result you want is available.
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    Which pedicure products do you use?

    Just call Cuccio on 01159753656 and ask for Liz she will send you samples of the different fragrances.
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    Eco Cuccio?

    Sounds like you need a little help , call the office 01159753656 feedback on this product has been really great I am sure you can get help with it if you are not happy with the results
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    Southern Beauty

    the nail company do sell cuccio gel
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    Do Cuccio make 'Pronto' and 'Eco' soak off gels?

    star nails don't supply Cuccio they are Cuccio. Pure nails is a UK distributor
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    Do Cuccio make 'Pronto' and 'Eco' soak off gels?

    Star do indeed private label a lot of small companies like pure nails but that does not mean it is the same product .
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    Do Cuccio make 'Pronto' and 'Eco' soak off gels?

    Cuccio and Pure nails are not the same product don't be confused there are many similar types of gels not all are the same grade.
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    Do you use primer with Cuccio soak off gel?

    you can check the website for instructions. or call technical helpline 01159753656 the girls there will be glad to help.
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    Cuccio Pronto Soak off Gel Removal is taking too long - Any ideas?

    call the helpline 01159753656 they will be happy to help
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    Gel nails

    Call Cuccio Technical support line they can help you with advice and training including 1 2 1 . 01159753656. :biggrin:
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    Pronto gel advise please

    hi call the helpline 01159753656 and the Cuccio girls will help you.