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    nail trainer parts

    my nail trainer makes me want to scream. the nails click in and as soon as i start, they drop out!! it is a bit old now and the joints are worn- is there anywhere i can get just the white plastic joints (the bits the rubber fingers slide on to and the nails click into) Sharon x
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    Steam sterilisation

    Hi, just wondered if anyone could share thoughts. Whilst in Asda the other day, i brought an electric steam cooker for the kitchen. It got me thinking- perfect size for desk, perfect size for implements, one hour timer, compact etc, etc. A bit like the ones here: Food Steamers - ASDA...
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    bio sculpture

    After reading all of your advice from you salon geeks, i have decided to forget my nail tech home course and start afresh. I am planning on doing a manicure course followed by a bio sculpture course. Has anyone trained with bio sculpture west and could you please give me some feed back before i...
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    stonebridge college

    could anybody tell me if they have trained as a nail tech with stonebridge college and how they got on. thanks sharon x x
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    nail courses

    Hi everyone, This is my first time on forum so bere with me. I have just passed a nail tech course through the post with stonebridge university and although I have practiced loads with family and friends with manicures i have not yet done any gel, acrylic or fibre. Although I have dvd,s ect on...