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  1. Purplesoapsuds

    Kids Nagging Me For A Cat! Help!

    We have in the last three weeks had a kitten from a local rescue centre. He was 18 weeks old when we had him and had been neutered the day before. We are keeping him as a house cat and not letting him outside, which pleased the woman at the rescue centre, as they don't let them outdoors either...
  2. Purplesoapsuds

    Confused about magnetic nails

    This is the website I have found about Magnetic Nails - Home
  3. Purplesoapsuds

    DRIVING TEST on Friday!!

    Just wanted to pass on good luck wishes and vibes. I will be taking my 4th driving test on the 2nd November at 2.30. Rachel x x x
  4. Purplesoapsuds

    folding table??

    I use the tablemate which I saw advertised on one of the shopping channels. It is height adjustable and folds away, and is buy one get one free. I use mine to do nails in my home or to take to friends and family members homes. Google Tablemate and it should come up with where you can buy it from...
  5. Purplesoapsuds

    tunics from a fiver!!!

    New poster here... Have you checked the plus size bargins? Rachel