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    Nano extensions help

    Hiya i am a hair extensions tutor and i always suggest to try and get close to a Cm diameter. Depending on the silicone inlining in your beads depends on how much hair will fit. When you have applied a few strands in you will get into a rhythm and will know how much hair will fit in your rings...
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    Toner help please

    I use Blonde Me ice toners on my clients with 2.4% Peroxide .. they clean up blonde beautifully without depositing too much purple like alot of ice white toners. Hope this helps 😁 x
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    Are all hairdressers covered to do extensions?

    Hi i am a senior level 3 hairdresser & also have a qualification in hair extensions &i teach hair extensions at our training academy. You do not have to be a hairdresser to be an extension technician. Hair extensions are an advanced course and completely separate to hairdressing. You must be a...
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    Hair extension courses

    Hi i am a tutor for hair extensions at our training academy i teach Micro rings, Nano ring technique, LA weave application & Newyork Weave technique. We will train you on all the information you need to know including all different hair types. How to determine what technique is best for your...
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    Good hair extension suppliers please

    I am also curious about this question. I am a qualified hair extension technician who also teaches them at our training academy I always try to persuade my clients to get European remy hair (which is what Beautyworks supply) but a lot of my clients cant afford those kind of prices as they are...