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  1. Lysa.G

    Nail foil confusion

    Hi during lockdown i cid lots of videos for Claw Culture and did one with their foil gel And foils. Wipe the back of the foil with nail prep cleanser, apply a generous layer of foil gel and cure for 1 minute ( not the 10-15 secs, as suggested). X
  2. Lysa.G

    Removal help please

    I use heated mitts with gel polish removal. file down product, wrap in cotton wool and cover and wrap with foil. Place hands into heated mits. It cuts removals by 1/2 the time x
  3. Lysa.G

    Do people still ask for Minx?

    I stock Minx™. I love it. I have the odd client who still asks for it. I know in some areas of UK it's really popular still. But I also think that this is down to us to promote it more? X
  4. Lysa.G

    Roller head waxing

    Hey! I used to use a roller wax a few years ago. I used a fresh roller head per client. But I also saved 2 plastic takeaway boxes with lids. One had wax cleaner in the other had surgical spirit in. I would use wax cleaner first, then surgical spirit before placing in the steriliser. I found that...
  5. Lysa.G

    Hot wax going grainy/gritty, any ideas why?

    It's usually to do with the wax not being the same temperature throughout the wax pot. Xx
  6. Lysa.G

    New Wax One!

    I use Wax:one and bloomeing love it! I can not rage about it enough. No lumpy wax. No night temperature. No red skin. Easy to use. And their heater is FANTASTIC ! It's exactly what thwaxing industry needed.
  7. Lysa.G

    Lycon or Waxperts?

    I've tried absolutely every wash hot & warm over nearly 30 years. I changed to Wax:one 2 months ago and have never looked back. No high heat, no lumpy wax. The warm wax is not sticky. Very little redness. No soreness after waxing over a area, including intimate. If I'm honest. It's amazing! It's...
  8. Lysa.G

    Hot wax going grainy/gritty, any ideas why?

    I was fed up of this happening to well known waxes. Or they burned if we bumped the heater up to stop the wax going lumpy. I changed to Wax:one 2 months ago and this has never happened. It's relit my passion for waxing.
  9. Lysa.G

    Best way to stop spots after waxing?

    Hi! I think I have the product for you. Earlier this year Sweet Squared Launched Wax:one, a new generation of waxes. In their aftercare range they have a product called Care. And care it does. It is used4 days after waxing directly on the affected area that is required. It is exfoliant solution...
  10. Lysa.G

    Help, CND Shellac coming off!

    It looks like you didn't cap the edge of the nail. As above, you do NOT file or buff the nail plate when doing a CND Shellac™ manicure or use a dehydrator. I would highly recommend, that you maybe book onto a Shellac™ course which will cover all the correct procedure. Plus you can trouble shoot...
  11. Lysa.G

    Best Creative Play colours for stamping?

    The best Creative Play™ colours are Black n Forth, Lets go Antiquing, I blanked Out, Polish my Act. As Noodle said, they are brilliant for stamping, giving a full colour. I love them.xx
  12. Lysa.G

    CND Beginners Shellac course question

    You get sent the Shellac™ book as you do need to read it. Your educater will let you know which sections to go over and study ready for your pre-assesment. You will be asked multi choice questions based on the book, which you do need pass prior to attending the day 1. This is why Shellac™...
  13. Lysa.G

    CND beginners question

    Hi, Shellac™ beginners class is only hands. Day two is application. Hope your having a great time.xx
  14. Lysa.G

    Help with Shellac

    Are you using Cutical Away as part of your PEP? Are using water to deactivate it? You should be also using Scrub Fresh to really scrub the nail plate and under the free edge of the nail prior to applying your Base Coat. Cap first then using the CND 5 point method before applying colour and top...
  15. Lysa.G

    CND Shellac training with S2

    Hi, Sweet Squared are the UK's official CND™ Distrubuter, Ellions are their sub Distrubuter I.e Ellisons buy their stock from S2! You would usually be required to of graduated from the Shellac™ Beginners or Conversion to be able to purchase CND™ Shellac™. The Shellac™ Beginners kit includes the...
  16. Lysa.G

    Nail technician/beautician wanted - Nottinghamshire

    I am looking for a Full Time Nail Technician/ Beautician to work at my salon in Nottinghamshire. Must be qualified and experienced in Acrylic (L&P) Enhancments, Gel Enhancments, Manicure, Pedicure, Gel Polish. You will need to be friendly and able to talk to people at every level, able to run...
  17. Lysa.G

    Solar Oil and weak nails

    Yes, using CND Solar Oil will help your own natural nail condition by using it twice day. If you are more concerned about your natural nail, I Would highly recommend that you could remove your Shellac and use up to 4 times a day for 2 weeks onto the naked in CND RescueRXX. This Keratin at home...
  18. Lysa.G

    The Lecente Look course

    The Lecente Look class is brilliant! You get within the price a goodie bag to use on the day plus you will be taught how to use Lecente products to their full potential. It is definitely a great class.x
  19. Lysa.G

    CND removers

    D'Solve is Pure Acetone. And Offly Fast is the retail and name for CND Nourshing Remover.x
  20. Lysa.G

    CND Shellac nails peeling

    Have your or your wife attended the Shellac course? As there are a few details within your detailing of how Shellac is applied, which could be something that you are doing to what is actually taught.