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  1. lizzy13

    Best fibreglass products

    Awww thank you for your replys, i will look into backscratchers and ill check out scratch mag xx
  2. lizzy13

    Best fibreglass products

    Hi there, could anyone recommend a good fibreglass /silk product. I have always used Creative products for l&p but have no clue on fibreglass. Thank you xx
  3. lizzy13

    Tips not sticking!

    i bet you will have no problems with the velocity tips, i recently tried millenium tips and they were a nightmare to stick onto the nails so went back to using velocity and have not had a single problem since. Good luck xx
  4. lizzy13

    Tips not sticking

    Thanks for the replys, the reason i bought them was because i liked the minimal contact area and i find with the cnd white tips that sometimes the contact area can be more see through on some of the sizes.
  5. lizzy13

    Tips not sticking

    H there, i have always used cnd velocity french tips and they stick onto the nail bed within secs but i recently bought some millenium french tips and they are a nightmare to stick on and its the same glue i always use. Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. lizzy13

    Advice on cleaning wax pot?

    If you use wax cleaner first then go over the outside with some surgical spirit, it works wonders for getting marks off , good luck xx
  7. lizzy13

    Struggling with my new wax

    Snap, i had the same problem with the CO wax and only yesterday i went back to my salon system cream wax. I found CO way too sticky and my clients did not really like it, we live and learn xx
  8. lizzy13

    Cristal ocean wax

    Thanks Jack, i think i will give the Nacree Blanche a try. i would love to use non strip wax but have never used it, we never got shown at collage ( 15 years ago) .
  9. lizzy13

    Cristal ocean wax

    I have had a break from the beauty industry for a couple of years after having my son, so i needed to purchase new products and wanted to buy better quality for my clients, i have found the Cristal ocean is 100 times better for leg waxing but i guess what i need advice on is if the PR creme...
  10. lizzy13

    Cristal ocean wax

    Hi geeks i hope someone can help advise me, i have been waxing for years and have always used a creme strip wax for facial waxing but after reading great reviews about PR cristal ocean i thought i would give it a try. I love how it goes on and does not get too hot but after waxing my own...
  11. lizzy13

    Perron Rigot

    Hiya kim i have just bought the cristal ocean wax as i have always used strip but although i found it goes on great it seems to stick more to the skin than my old creme wax, i applied the jasmin oil but it still seemed to pull quite a bit. i did my eyebrows last sat and today i have noticed...
  12. lizzy13

    Refreshments in a salon?

    OOOH i want to come to your salon, it really is nice when someone goes that extra mile for clients.
  13. lizzy13

    Self employed salon workers help!

    very well put, i agree with everything said here. I have always rented rooms and been self employed, i had my own phone line, business cards , outside sign and it has worked great for both me and the other person. Good luck
  14. lizzy13

    After being mobile would you rent a room or a whole salon?

    Good luck, you will do a fab job i am sure. Your going to love it xx
  15. lizzy13

    How well-groomed are you?

    LOL i love your honesty xx:D
  16. lizzy13

    Best lash tint?

    Refectocil for me, i tried this brand of tint after reading great reviews on this site and i am so glad i tried it. After 15 years of tinting this is by far the best tint i have used xx
  17. lizzy13

    After being mobile would you rent a room or a whole salon?

    Hiya, i would def go for renting the room. I have rented a couple of rooms over the years and it is a fantastic way to earn good money and not have the stress of sorting out all the over heads eg council tax ect. Good luck x
  18. lizzy13

    How to apply jasmine oil when waxing?

    Thank you everyone xx
  19. lizzy13

    How to apply jasmine oil when waxing?

    Hiya Geeks, i have started to use PR wax and wondered which is the best way to apply the jasmine oil before i start to wax. i know this sounds like a daft question but i dont want to apply too much that the wax does not stick . hope someone can help xx
  20. lizzy13

    What do you think of this HD brow video?

    I think they look great, so much thicker and very defined, i personally would not have mine so thick but if that is what the client wants i think you did a great job xx