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  1. Jake nattrass hair

    Balayage brush out

    The most tedious part of doing a back comb technique balayage... coming all the back comb out! Just curious to know everyone’s routine? do you brush the back comb out before you tone? Or tone then brush it all out at a section? I tend to use a wet brush, lots of leave in conditioner and some...
  2. Jake nattrass hair

    Colour brand

    Just out for curiosity I would like to know peoples preferred colour house/brand and there reasons as to why?
  3. Jake nattrass hair

    Hair matting help!

    just looking for opinions as I am stumped! One of my regular clients hair has started to really Matt in a clump after she’s shampooed and conditioned it (it’s even happened at the salon) She’s never expedited it before, yes it gets a little knotty as it’s naturally has a slight curl but never...
  4. Jake nattrass hair

    The effects of XXL!

    Had a client in today who had used XXL live platinum to lighten her hair then used XXL purple ontop. This was when she came into the salon... in all my years I’ve never seen hair this damaged. Thought it would be good for those who want to show clients the damage you can do when home colouring.
  5. Jake nattrass hair

    Matrix colour opinions

    Just looking for everyone’s experiences using matrix colours. Coverage, longevity, fade out and are they true to shade I.e do you step up a shade if your covering 100% white grey hair. I.e using a 4 to get a 5. Thankyou
  6. Jake nattrass hair

    Pre-bleach scalp desensitiser

    I’ve been seeing pravanah scalp comfort over social media quite often as a pre bleach scalp remedy to help de sensitise, However I can’t find anywhere in the uk they stocks / delivers. Does anyone know any other brands which do a similar product? I use blondeme for my on scalp as it’s the best...
  7. Jake nattrass hair

    NXT colour line?

    Has anyone used NXT as there colour line? Looking for opinions. Thankyou
  8. Jake nattrass hair

    Matrix colour opinions

    Hi we are a current wella salon but looking to switch over colour houses I have the matrix colour rep coming to see me in a few days but I would like to know people’s experiences using matrix colours. Thankyou
  9. Jake nattrass hair

    Unhappy with Wella

    Hi everyone I have used wella for the past 10 years as my colour house but lately the customer service is rubbish! We have had a new rep come to the salon with no industry background and when questioned on various products and colours there response was ‘I’m not a hairdresser so I will have to...
  10. Jake nattrass hair

    Deep silver/grey toners

    Hi everyone I have always used the Wella illumina 7/81 as my go to silver/grey toner does anyone else have any go to deep silvers/grey toners? It’s something I’ve never really explored apart from mixing 2/0 and 10/0.
  11. Jake nattrass hair

    Disposable salon towels yay/nay

    Hi everyone in my salon we use the no bleach/stain black cotton washable hand towels and just re-wash and tumble dry on an evening to replenish. However I have noticed a few salons in my area use disposable towels at the backwash area as they are apparent more hygienic and save on time spent...
  12. Jake nattrass hair

    Wella colour help

    Hi everyone got a client in a few weeks who has sent me this photo. She already has a blonde level 10 balayage through her natural level 6 hair. I was thinking to maybe use 55/65 all over to achieve this colour? Or would you use a direct dye?
  13. Jake nattrass hair

    Colorissimo yay or nay?

    Hi everyone I currently use the wella colour house however a girl I work with uses colorissimo.. there hi lift reds and coppers seem to be amazing! And there chocolate range seems great also. But how does the rest of the color compare? Has anyone used the hi lift red/coppers or even any toners...
  14. Jake nattrass hair

    Platinum hair toner

    Hi everyone I use wella colour house. I wanted to know people’s favourite toner for a white platinum result on a bleached level 10. All colour house suggestions welcome. I just find it difficult to achieve that super white look without a hint of silver/ash.
  15. Jake nattrass hair

    Prestige rings

    Hi everyone I normally use additional lengths remy cachet elegance hair (mainly mini tips) on my clients due to how discreet they look in the hair and touch wood I’ve never had any complaints about problematic hair. I tend to use the 3mm tiny tip rings but find after a few maintainance...
  16. Jake nattrass hair

    Colour help

    Hi everyone I have a client who has wella 44/0, mainly root touch up every 6 weeks with a 4/0 semi application on the midlenghts/ ends when necessary due to fadage. However she wants a complete colour change and loves this colour, Could anyone recommend me any wella house colours you would use...
  17. Jake nattrass hair


    Hi everyone I am looking at switching from my trusted wella colour house (which I have used for 10 years) I am finding there bases a lot warmer than usual (even when ordered through wella directly) and it’s driving me mad. However I will love there special blonde range and the toning range /...
  18. Jake nattrass hair

    Remy cachet mini tips

    Hi everyone I have fitted many sets of the remy cachet mini tips and generally touch wood don’t have any issues. I use either the 2.8 or 3mm mini tube rings (non silicone) I say 99% of my clients lose little to no hair extensions in there 4-6 week maintenance period. However I have fitted one...
  19. Jake nattrass hair

    Colour help!

    Has anyone else noticed wella colours seem to be alot warmer all of a sudden? A few of my clients have said they felt there colour was warmer and when I went to a supplier they said they have had a good few wella colourists say the same recently even when I do my wella order directly from my...
  20. Jake nattrass hair

    Colouring question

    For as long as I’ve known whenever I’ve done a full head colour I have always put a plastic head cap on top, I have done this mainly to keep the heat inside but also as many of my clients wear glasses and like to read magazines / do work whilst there colour is processing. However it has came to...