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    Lash strips help please

    Hi I do sp ee and put my own on tricky i know and was really pleased but i am a picker and even though i could not feel them on i knew they were there and have picked them off and my own lashes have come off nearly completely on one eye can anyone reccommend anything i look so silly and its not...
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    Patchy hands

    I have been spray tanning for ages but had my first complaint and that is that her hands are patchy she is coming round later to show me what would you advise. I used organics 10%
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    Spray tan with strap marks

    I am doing a spray tan tonight and she has strap marks from her holiday i use organics what would you suggest go over the white bits first then do the rest of her body and then back over white bits?
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    hi does anyone use jean marin for facials :cool: