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  1. Eyekandi

    Aura Allure spray tanning machine- looking to buy new one

    Hiya I have only ever used compressors with Su-Do tanning. My compressor has gone after 6 years and am now looking at a new machine to use with Su-Do. I have never used HVLP machines as was told they burn out quick and your better off with a compressor. Obviously a massive difference in price...
  2. Eyekandi

    CND The Event 2015

    Me !!:D
  3. Eyekandi

    Full body massage?

    I think as a mobile therapist you are open to this which is really unfortunate. Over the years. I've seen it all including a text of a private part lol i do ignore that sort of communication and that usually ends it. If i receive texts then i do reply with unfortunately i only take on new male...
  4. Eyekandi

    Mobile therapists, what do you drive?

    I looked at that before I bought the Trax but thought it would be too small..gorgeous tho
  5. Eyekandi

    Salmon Run & Fragrant Freesia disappointing to use

    I've got all of the new collection and have gone down great with my clients who like nudes or paler colours. I use Field Fox, Fragrant Freesia all the time. This layered is also very poplular. Ive done Salmon run with Dandelion which was gorgeous with white stamping over a few nails...
  6. Eyekandi

    Mobile therapists, what do you drive?

    I have a Cheverlot Trax, which I love and the best bit is a plug socket so I can keep my wax warm while on the move!! lol
  7. Eyekandi

    Car leasing

    Im in the process of this at min, I went in with a view to lease but I think im buying on finance. Im mobile too and heavily depend on a car so im biting bullet and going for finance as the car I like is no longer being leased by garage. What worries me about leasing is if I scratch it but...
  8. Eyekandi

    Master painter in Cheshire area?

    Another vote for Divine by Design, she did my wedding nails and were gorgeous x
  9. Eyekandi

    Anyone else had a busy January?

    I have had my busiest January so far, loving it. Im defo making the most of it :D
  10. Eyekandi

    Roo beauty

    My 3 products were not not new purchases but items changed due to faults. When I contacted them about first 2 products they were excellent in communication. However on emailing them 3 times on last product failing , I have never had any response. The products are not robust enough so will be...
  11. Eyekandi

    Roo beauty

    Im on my 3rd Roo product and all have failed. I personally dont think they are made robust enough which is a real shame as the look is very professional and smart. I have said that if they could be make them fit for purpose then I would buy again in a blink of an eye. Mine were 2 x Emerald and...
  12. Eyekandi

    Rabbit expert

    Most definitely frisky, mine used to do and then stop and try and hump my hand lol
  13. Eyekandi

    Easy, less mess pedi?

    I'm mobile and feel your pain with pedicures. I still offer T&P, basic and deluxe pedicure but also offer Callus Peel which is excellent for removal of hard dry callus skin that i cant remember the last time i did a pedicure. No soaking in water just wrapping the foot up and you can do cuticle &...
  14. Eyekandi

    Dogs & allergies/Asthma

    I was a bad mum because i brushed mud off my horses side into my daughters eyes by accident. 2 days later her eyes were red and itchy so i took her to the Dr's and was told she was allergic to horses and resulted in conjunctivitis..even though i told him about brushing the mud at her. She has...
  15. Eyekandi

    Strange call or legitimate?

    Just to add, this is a scam and i reported it to police aswell. If in doubt always google telephone number which usually directs to forums discussing latest scam calls
  16. Eyekandi

    Nails | Sweet Squared's LOVESHELLAC Salon Locator Goes Live

    Great thank you I bought last week and am not showing yet. I realise there might be a slight delay but is it usually a week? I think its a fab tool!! I buy approx every 8 weeks so realise i drop off for a small time but wanted to clarify if Manchester were included .
  17. Eyekandi

    Nails | Sweet Squared's LOVESHELLAC Salon Locator Goes Live

    Can i just clarify if Manchester Academy are included? Thanks :)
  18. Eyekandi

    Nails | Sweet Squared's LOVESHELLAC Salon Locator Goes Live

    Are purchases from Manchester Academy included now? I usually buy direct off you but nipped into Leigh last week to purchase base&top coat. I'm not showing up so is there a time delay or shall i give s2 a ring tomorrow? I'm usually around the 60 days now as dont stock to far ahead but am going...
  19. Eyekandi

    Recommend a friend

    Yes i did it and it was very fact they were introducing as many friends as they could.