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  1. nickyjpearce

    Nail techs and boob jobs

    Boob jobs are regarded as a major procedure so you need to give yourself time to heal properly. If you don't you risk all manner of complications from delayed wound healing. It takes up to a year for these kinds of scars to heal fully, and more if you delay it either by mechanical stress and...
  2. nickyjpearce

    Home based waxing

    Personally, if I were starting off as you in this situation I would start off only doing family and friends, or even friends of friends. Because they will be more understanding of your situation. The last thing you want to do is have a client come and expect to come to a house, and especially a...
  3. nickyjpearce

    Waxing black skin

    I have to agree completely here, that nothing replaces training and experience. I was very lucky because when I trained our class was very diverse and we all practiced on each other. Obviously, I was the hairiest lol..... So all the girls got the advantage of experience waxing a guy in class as...
  4. nickyjpearce

    Waxing black skin

    To be honest, I don't do a lot of retail apart from our own BIOHACK skincare aftercare range. I would just recommend aqueous cream from B&M lol.... But maybe I should... I can see where it would be advantageous. You can also retail stuff that inhibits and slows down hair re-growth as an extra.
  5. nickyjpearce

    Waxing black skin

    Sometimes the expensive waxes aren't the right ones because they contain too much "STUFF" in them. A good 60% of my clients are Asian and Male. Honestly! I just use Salon Systems cool wax and hot wax (Tea Tree). I only use hot wax on intimate areas. Everywhere else it's cool. Aftercare is key...
  6. nickyjpearce


    It is definitely much sought after and very rewarding. When I first started I had lots of clients who were pre-op transexuals. I took it and ran with it and still have these clients, some are sent by the NHS. They require many years of electrolysis on various areas and now require a certificate...
  7. nickyjpearce

    Facial course

    There is a Level 3 Skin Care Professional Certificate available 100% Online through Don't think for one minute though that you won't be required to do practicals. It's a highly practical course with online practical tutorials and assessments, exactly the same requirements as if...
  8. nickyjpearce

    Skin peels advice

    Hi Jane. We offer Skin Peel training and kit as part of our dermaplaning course. But you can take it separately if you already have derma. It offers a AHA/BHA combined skin peel. SkinFuzione. and other products that you can use alone or with microneedling etc. The products are only available to...
  9. nickyjpearce

    Acid exfoliator

    Autobiogenesys Assist (C). Combination AHA/BHA Skin Peel. Only available to licensed skincare professionals. You have to complete a course and exam before you can obtain, prescribe, and administer. It also covers SkinFuzione and other products. Available via
  10. nickyjpearce


    Yes. Lazer/IPL can not treat grey or white hair. It struggles with Blonde and also Red. You can only use it on people with skin types 1-4/5 depending on the machine. Electrolysis can treat all hair and skin types and has been the only permanent method recognized by the medical profession for...
  11. nickyjpearce

    Micro-needling pen help!

    We teach all our students to use a hybrid tattoo machine in addition to a pen device. I've had the same one for over 5 years now. They are more reliable, and they are recognized by the health authority as they can be broken down COMPLETELY, and autoclaved. Which is an essential requirement. The...
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    Our first male Dermaplaning and Skin Peel graduate "Chris" finishing his assessment.
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    Demonstrating Microneedling and PRP Injections for our students on our lovely nurse.
  14. jcb nick 2.jpg

    jcb nick 2.jpg

    Demonstrating dermaplaning and skin peels to my students.
  15. nickyjpearce

    Athlete's Foot, is Lamisil or Lotrimin the best treatment?

    You may also need to treat your shoes as well BTW. If you wear the same shoes every day it may be lurking in there and you may just get re-infected. Fungal spores unfortunately are everywhere. They just need the right environment like dark, warm, damp. That's your shoe! If you can alternate...
  16. nickyjpearce

    Athlete's Foot, is Lamisil or Lotrimin the best treatment?

    You need to treat it for at least 6 months. The fungi actually live quite deep within the epidermis and it can take that long to penetrate. Lamisil once rarely works because by the time infections are detected they are too deep. I have had some success with using dilute hibiscrub two to three...
  17. nickyjpearce

    Am I the only person who is sick and tired of rogue training providers!

    Sorry guys if this sounds like a rant, I don't mean it too. Maybe I'm just looking for some support or ideas. I myself have been in the health, beauty and aesthetics industry for over 20 odd years. Most of this time I have also been a qualified teacher, assessor, blah blah blah. I worked in the...
  18. nickyjpearce

    Keeping own clients records when working in a salon

    Someone should be designated as an information officer. You can get proper guidance on your particular situation and if you need to register from the "Information Commissioners Office" in your local area. You may need to pay a registration fee. But all information should be stored in accordance...
  19. nickyjpearce

    Late client & working from home

    I have worked from home for the last 15 years and love it. It can be tough at first to separate business from home life and this is why you have a door on your treatment room. Stick to your hours. Even though you work from home. You close the door on your treatment room and walk away. Start as...
  20. nickyjpearce

    Cheeky client

    Just say "NO"! Ya see I have a very short fuse for any sh**e like this! You don't have time to be messing about with clients like this. Trust me this client will become a much bigger problem in the future. Nip it in the bud now! Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. I can smell it a mile...