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  1. frankie91

    Fake Bake self tan help!

    Hello ladies, I trained in fake bake spray tanning a couple of years ago but never got into doing it on clients. Basically i have a wedding to go to in a few weeks and I am naturally very pale. Which of the self tans would be best for a natural tan, that isn't too dark? Would rather have a self...
  2. frankie91

    Can you use real lace with gel polish?

    Hello just wondering if this is possible by encasing material lace in the layers? I use Gelicure Gel Polish. Or how do you get a lace effect? Sent from my GT-I5800 using SalonGeek
  3. frankie91

    Do I have to do a course to use fibreglass as a natural overlay?

    Good evening. I am qualified in nvq2 beauty therapy and have also done a Gelicure training course. I was wondering if i have to do a specific course or be trained in extensions to use fiberglass as a natural nail overlay? To use on nail tears or splits etc before applying Gelicure gel polish...
  4. frankie91

    Android App to add sparkle to rockstar photos?

    Hello I have been reading that people on here use an app called kirakira to enhance the sparkle on glitter rockstar nails, however this isn't available on android. Are there any other apps available on android to do this? Thank you! Sent from my GT-I5800 using SalonGeek
  5. frankie91

    Sweetie jar for my Solar pinkies?

    Hello! Just after a bit of help from those of you who use sweetie jars to hold your pinkies, where did you find them? Been looking everywhere - only want it to hold about 15 or so the ones i have found are huge! preferably vintage looking sweetie jar, bonbon jar style. Thanks! Sent from my...
  6. frankie91

    Kooky on fingers?

    Hello, been using kooky on toes for quite a while now with no problem, however on finger nails i find the wrap a ****** to apply! It ends up having creases either down the side walls or along the free edge. What am i doing wrong? Haven't experienced creasing on toes before. Sent from my...
  7. frankie91

    Urgent UV bulb Gelicure help!

    hello! I have a UV lamp which i bought with my Gelicure from palms extra a year ago. My question is though, when do i change my bulbs? The bulbs are still all turning on and are nice and bright and Gelicure seems to be curing well, maybe some clients aren't all getting the full 2 weeks. I have...
  8. frankie91

    Mundo confusion!

    Hello I already use the mundo power plus but i be after a spray form that i can use in my home treatment room, for my table but one i could also use on tools, files etc. My question is can mundo hard surface spray be used on everything - table, tools, files, Pedi foot files etc? Thank you...
  9. frankie91

    PR non strip wax heater help

    Hello As the title says i am struggling to get the last bits of my non strip wax out of my heater tin. I got a sample from PR - the green non strip, which i have practiced with before i use my euroblonde non strip wax. But before i put my euroblonde in the heater i obviously want all previous...
  10. frankie91

    Which white holographic glitter?

    Hello geeks I use Gelicure and do rocstar nails using loose glitter. I love holographic glitter for the extra bling. But which is a good white holographic that is nice and fine but you can't see through? I have seen lots of white glitters but they are so transparent but i want one that is solid...
  11. frankie91

    Where do you all purchase your digital Hive heaters from?

    Hello, I am soon wanting to change to perron rigot wax and have read on here that most of you use hive heaters - mainly digital. Could you possibly give me any pointers to where to buy a heater from? And which model, is a single heater enough or am i best getting a twin heater for hot wax too...
  12. frankie91

    Halloween nail stickers/decals/bling!

    Evening geeks, I am looking for a variety pack of Halloween sticker things to jazz up clients nails this Halloween. Where can i find any? What do you all use? Been looking but only come across cartoon kids nail accessories. Thanks in advance! X x Sent from my GT-I5800 using SalonGeek
  13. frankie91

    First ever go at Kooky Wraps...rather fiddly!?

    Hello. I am wanting to start offering kooky to my treatment list and wanted to have my first ever go at a nail wrap today! was on my friends toes which are rather dinky and it took me about an hour and a half :-/ I made sure the cuticle work was done correctly and that I removed the...
  14. frankie91

    Pamper party and cluster lash glue test?

    Hello. I will be doing a hen night this Friday and will be applying 4 sets of weekend eyelashes using cluster eyelashes and a ardell eyelash glue. I was just wondering how you all do your glue testing prior to the night? Tests obviously need to be done between 24 and 48 hours before. I was...
  15. frankie91

    Need a new foot file or rasp! Which one?

    Hello ladies! I am currently looking to purchase a new hard skin removal file. I currently have a tweezerman rasp but its a metal one and personally doesn't do the job. I need help choosing a good one, preferably one with two sides with different grits on. What is one you wouldn't live without...
  16. frankie91

    Stock and equipment insurance cover?

    Good afternoon. My insurance is to run out at the end of the month and I think I would like to change insurance companies. I currently work from home and I am a beauty therapist. My house insurance company know I work from home but say I need stock and equipment insurance as they wouldn't cover...
  17. frankie91

    Colour wheels keep snapping!

    Hello. I have all my polish and Gelicure colours and glitters displayed on colour wheels but the tips keep on bending and are almost broken off, I have tried to glue them but what's your best remedy to get them nice and strong again? There is only about 4 loose so starting again isn't worth it...
  18. frankie91

    Self assessment - How to write out Paper accounts?

    Hello geeks. I am after a bit of help regarding my yearly self assessment. I will be doing this online but obviously need to record my accounts on paper - i have been bad and not recorded it weekly - basically because I am not sure how to lay it out? What paper or book do you record your...
  19. frankie91

    Damaged finger nail, tips on speeding up growth?!

    Afternoon geeks, About 2 years ago I trapped my middle finger nail in the car door badly, it never fell off properly and is taking so long to grow back. At the moment it is finally almost at full length again to the edge of my finger, but has loads of vertical lines running down from epon. Down...
  20. frankie91

    Online Self Assessment

    Hello geeks. I started my business last June and have kept all my receipts in date order from my stock orders and also filled out a receipt for every client appointment. Was I meant to be putting this into some sort of book? Do i keep all my receipts too? Confused! Will be doing my self...