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    Eve Taylor Facials - Results seen????

    Hi Geeks I am thinking about looking into Eve Taylor Facials at the show in a few weeks and would love to hear the views of product users. Which facials are the best for ageing? and do your client really notice a difference and keep coming back for more. I have joined the Eve Taylor social...
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    Sticky feet, where do you buy them from?

    Hi My supplier has no sticky feet in stock until the end of april :eek: where do you geeks get yours from? I dont want to spend a lot on them as I will have to put my treatment price up Thanks J x
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    Best tips

    Hi Geeks would love to know your views on best tips for L&P and Gel Which ranges of tips do you use and why eg reasonable price, easy to fit and blend best for flat nails/curved nail beds great colour J x
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    Help! Akzentz over tips

    Please help I have received my new Akzentz today and talked one of my regular girls into having gel over white tips on FRIDAY:eek:, she usally has creative acrylic and is pretty hard on her nails. Can any kind akzentz geeks tell me how you do yours, would be good to get all your different...
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    Akzentz Users knowledge needed please

    Hi Can anybody tell me what products I should order to apply the buff off gel over tips. Money is tight so i dont want to buy the starter kit as it has a few products that i dont need just yet. Alson joined the akzentz group and post a similar question many thanks Jane x
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    Akzentz with Bio UV lamp?????

    HI Can you cure Akzentz a buff off/hard gel with a Bio sculpturel lamp I'm thinking about getting Akzentz to use over tips but dont want to be sold another lamp if I dont need it. anybody out there thats uses both these gels?? :rolleyes:please put me out my misery
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    Akzentz with Bio UV lamp?????

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    Beauty poster company gone bust?

    Hi Can anyone tell me if they have ordered posters form a company latley and not received them? I ordered some poster a few weeks ago and tried to ring them and the number has been disconnected. Oh well I only lost about £20:cry: could of been worse. I then went to another site which does...
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    Beauty poster company gone bust?

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    Hot oil treatments

    What oil do you use for hot oil treatments on nails? We never covered this when I did my training(22 years ago:eek:) I have tried most things but never this, do you really see a differnece?
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    cleaning nail after paraffin

    What do you use to clean the nail before appyling polish after a paraffin wax treatment? Do any of you dip or brush(I can not see the brushing working) on after polish and manicure is complete? And my last question I promise :smack: do you use any nourishing products under the wax like a hand...
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    how much to set up in cnd nails?

    I'm taking on a new therapist who is trained in cnd acrylic and would like to know a rough price for the main materials before we start doing them. I have tried sweet squared but there is nothing on there about products??????
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    organic pinks boutique range

    Has anybody tried the organic massage oils from pinks? I got my hands on some indonesian hand balm at a trade show and its is lushhhhh:Love:, would love any feedback from products you have used
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    Mineral Foundation HELP!!

    I have recently ordered some mineral foundation because i have heard so many good things about it, but it just looks c**p on my skin :irked: I usally use liquid foundation without powder, but am wanting extra coverage due to spots and open pores(and the odd wrinkle a 37 year old gets) I...
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    Top Ten Bio colours?

    Hi I have just signed up for my bio training(I can hardly contain myself :eek:) and would love to hear what your most popular colours are? This would also help my bank balance as I know I'm going to want a pot in every colour when I get up close to them :rolleyes:
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    spray tan went green

    Sprayed a girl this morning and by the afternoon she had gone green where a black t-shirt had been:eek:. I was freaked when I saw her, I take great pride in my job, but her parents were genuine and did not hold me at fault (which makes a change most clients would blame you if it rained on...
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    Perron Rigot Geeks Wanted

    Can any geeks tell me which would be the best PERRON RIGOT wax to use for basic warm waxing. I only have one heater at the mo until my waxing service becomes more popular(and i make more money:cry:) so would like a wax that would be ok for legs,underarm,brow,lip,chin and bikini line. I'm using...
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    Hi Has anybody used qtica products? I like the look of the intense hand cream and cuticle balm, any feedback would be great:hug:
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    cuticle remover, nourishing hand and nail products

    Hi after doing basic manicures for years I have gone back into nails full time and would love update my treatments I'm looking for a great cuticle remover that can be used without soaking(im trying to give it up:irked: after 20 years) Also i'm looking for a nourishing and great smelling hand...
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    omg! they really did drop off

    Today 2 of my nails came off in 1 whole bit tip and resin:Scared:how flippin freaky is that.(yer that with serve me right laughing at my clients who say that) I am a nail tech and have been using this system for a year on clients and myself. I have broken and cracked 2!!! nails in that year and...