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  1. Rose143

    Experienced Level 3 Beauty Therapist required

    We are a growing company who values our employees enthusiasm and passion for providing the best nail and beauty treatments to our clients. We provide professional Nail and Beauty Services to thousands of Clients with the Surrey and Sussex areas. We are looking for dedicated and professional...
  2. Rose143

    Salon Owners and Staff off Sick

    Hi Geeks, I am doing a bit of research and I'd really appreciate any help you could give me. I am trying to find out what Salon Owners would pay someone to fill in temporarily for a sick Therapist or Hair Stylist? This Therapist brings in an average of £200-£250 per day. One of my...
  3. Rose143

    Nail Technician required - Urgently!

    Nail Technician – Part Time (2-3 days per week) The ideal candidate must have the following qualifications and experience: Reception: The Therapist must have excellent communication skills as she will be responsible for the meeting and greeting of clients, booking clients in for treatments over...
  4. Rose143

    Recruitment advice needed from salon owners

    Hi Guys, Haven't been on here in a while, I know, long story :irked: Salon is really busy and I am suffering something terrible with my hands, I think too much work is taking it's toll. I really need to know from you guys where is the best place to advertise for nail techs? I have been...
  5. Rose143

    Holistic Hairdresser

    Hi Peeps, I had a lady come into the salon yesterday asking if I would be interested in offering holistic hairdressing to my clients. Meaning she does the treatments but never heard of this in my life. She said she diagnoses problems such as dandruff, psoriasis etc and doesn't believe that...
  6. Rose143

    Grand opening of my salon

    Hello peeps, I'm so sorry I haven't been on here in ages, I have a good excuse I promise ... It's been a long stressful and tiring 5 weeks getting my new shop to look amazing. Ronald and I, more so Ronald have been working till 3am sometime 4am most mornings and back at the shop the next day...
  7. Rose143

    Nail Tech required in Northfield, Birmingham for a client

    Hi Peeps, I just did a very nice lady's nails on Saturday. She is looking for someone in Northfield, Birmingham who she can go to for her maintenance appointments. I did a full set of sculpted P&W L&P's and she is a nail biter so I extended her nail bed and kept them really short for her...
  8. Rose143

    Staff advice needed urgently!!!

    Hi Peeps, I would do a journal entry but I really need some advice :confused: We are still mobile by the way. My employee has done it again!! I know most of you in my journal said get rid of her but how do I do that without getting into trouble? As some of you know she resigned on Thursday...
  9. Rose143

    Refresher Courses

    Hi Peeps, Does City and guilds or another training academy do refresher courses in Hair dressing? Like we as nail techs get 1 to 1 courses to fix bad habits etc etc. Is there anything silmilar for hair stylists? Any info would be great peeps thanks! :hug: xxxx
  10. Rose143

    I got my shop keys!!!

    Hi Peeps, What a nightmare, for those you that read my journal entry posted at 4am this morning will know that this has been a very trying day and trying few months. I finally have my shop and it's all ready to start decorating. I am so scared and excited! We start tomorrow ... or should I...
  11. Rose143

    HABIA Salon Packs - got mine!

    Hi Peeps, For those of you that don't have any Habia salon packs .... get some!!!! I can't put any of these files down, I didn't know where to start they are so good. I am flicking through all three coz I can't make up my mind. It's like I've been given this world of knowledge and just dying...
  12. Rose143

    Hair Magazines

    Hi Peeps, I was looking at subscribing to a Hair magazine for my hair ladies and I'm afraid Hairdressers Journal has let me down enormously. I've cancelled my subscription with them and I'm getting refunded. I only ever received one blimin magazine, just awful I feel. Do any of you subscribe...
  13. Rose143

    HABIA Salon Packs

    Hi everyone, Another question from me ... I am thinking of buying a Health and Safety Pack from Habia, the Employment Law Pack and either the Salon Management pack OR Business Management for Hairdressers and Therapists. Do any of you guys have these books and if so would you mind giving me...
  14. Rose143

    Salon flooring

    Hi peeps, For those of you that have had you salon floors done. What did you go for? We have had a few quotes from companies and everyone is telling us something different. Apparently the floor that's currently in the shop we're taking over is Vinyl. The last floor guy we saw said our...
  15. Rose143

    South of London Salaries for Hairstylists

    Hi Peeps, I'm not a hairstylist at all, I'm a nail tech and future salon owner. I'm just doing some research on how much people in the south of England get paid. I would really like to hear about your different pay structures, whether you're a hair salon owner yourself or an employee of...
  16. Rose143

    I've deleted it

    I am extremely hurt, I know I shouldn't have mentioned names, sorry for not thinking straight. I didn't mean to be unprofessional but I was only asking for advice :cry: I just thought that coming to a place where I could be myself would give me the answers I needed, I was wrong in the doing...
  17. Rose143

    I passed my Masters Exam today!

    Helloo Peeps, I'm really excited, I passed my masters today. Trinity (Tina) was my model bless her heart, coming all the way up from Brighton. Thanks Tina for being there :hug: I was not feeling too great, have had this horrible flu going around since last wednesday. I really wanted to...
  18. Rose143

    Advice on our mortgage situation please?

    Hi peeps, Ronald and I have been battling for two years to get a mortgage as we haven't found a lender that would lend to foreigners. We are south African and have been here in the UK for almost 4 years. We can apply for citizenship only next year which means any normal lender would say no...
  19. Rose143

    Update on my shop ... and where can I advertise for staff?

    Hi Peeps, I'm sorry I've been so scarce, quite a cheek that I'm asking for help now but I lost the shop I so dearly wanted .... BUT I found a much better one!!!! I am absolutely scared to death as it is moving very quickly. It's in a little village called East Grinstead and it's on the High...
  20. Rose143

    How many files do you guys go through?

    Hi peeps, I know this is a stupid question but I am trying to figure out if I go through too many files. I find creative's files a bit more pricy than other brands but I can't go wrong with creative's because they last so well. But then I'm paying that little bit more. I use the 240/180 grit...