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    Hair extension biz with a friend.

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of studying a hair extension course at the KM training. Has anybody else trained with them. Would love to know your experience with them?? I am not a hair dresser, but my friend is, so although the course will cover blendin and razor cutting, I know that it would be...
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    Micro rings, are they any good?

    I'm really excited :eek::lol::green::hug::):irked::lol::idea::mad::rolleyes::!::zzz::smack::Grope:, after having short hair for as long as I can remember, I'm having some hair extensions put in hopefully friday using the micro ring technique. As its the first time I'm having this method, I'd be...
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    help help help!!!!!!!!!!!!! Londoner wants hair extensions

    Hi guys, I'm going ibiza in a couple of weeks and have short (just below jaw) unruly hair. Now it takes an hour to do my hair and I'll probably have to do it twice a day for my holiday (10 days) and really dont want to. I really want extensions (preferably pre bonded ?) but simply cant...
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    does anyone have an ipl aculight or nd:yag machine?

    Does anyone have an ipl aculight machine or a nd:yag machine? If so please please please tell me where you bought them from and how much did they cost? I have searched everywhere and I cant find any prices except for second hand machines. I looked on the aculight website and nothing. I've...
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    salon equipment

    can anyone suggest some good salon equipment wholesales? How can I find out about equipment auctions? Any help would be appreciated!!:)
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    What do I need to open a beauty salon?

    I'm planning to open a beauty salon in a busy shopping centre next year but I don't have a clue what I need to do! A family friend told me I should open a beauty salon as its one of the highest growing sectors in the economy. He's a very succesful accountant and will do the business plan for me...