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  1. JuZz'<3

    Am I missing something?

    So today I had a request to strip a clients hair... She had 100% Virgin hair, no colour, so confused I asked her what needed stripping? She said shampoo! Apparently she has been to a salon and had this 3x before, each time she paid £76 Apparently they stripped away any shampoo build up &...
  2. JuZz'<3

    Hair extensions and headaches

    Hello all! Sorry I did a search and couldn't find anything. Basically a month ago I fit a full head of pre bonded extensions for a lady. She has now messaged me saying she is getting headaches and is unsure whether to see a gp or blame the extensions. Has anyone else ever known this? I have...
  3. JuZz'<3

    Anybody in Nottingham for service swap?

    Hey! Just wondering if we have anyone in Nottingham on here that would be up for service swap? I'm a mobile hairdresser and make-Up artist!
  4. JuZz'<3

    The Little Princess Trust

    Has anyone ever came across this charity? I lost one of my best friends Emma to cancer two years ago, so cancer charities always get my support, I seen first hand what charities like Macmillan do for cancer patients! The little princess trust are a charity that help supply FREE real hair...
  5. JuZz'<3

    My sister forgot to give Cheryl Cole my number!

    I had to share this, big mistake! I coloured my sisters hair bubblegum blue, off she went to the xfactor auditions... Bumped into Cheryl on the red carpet who stated 'I absolutely love your hair' My sister (a massive Cheryl fan) was so shocked she forgot to give her a business Card! How...
  6. JuZz'<3

    Which colour do you think?

    A friend of mine wants this.. She already has dark brown hair, can anyone suggest which colour to use for the highlights. I'm absolutely stuck I use loreal majirel by the way but I'm open to using another colour xx
  7. JuZz'<3

    Website advice

    Hi Geeks. I recently designed my own website, finally put the finished touches to it today.. Wondered if I could get some feedback Thank you in advance xxx
  8. JuZz'<3


    Hi geeks... I've been mobile hairdressing for a while now.... When I first started as mobile my old boss at the salon would call when they was having training days so I could go in and see the new techniques etc... I buy magazines (hair journal) I browse here I browse the internet I love to...
  9. JuZz'<3

    How do you keep up to date?

    Hello ladies. I've been mobile hairdressing for a while now.... When I first started as mobile my old boss at the salon would call when they was having training days so I could go in and see the new techniques etc... I buy magazines (hair journal) I browse here I browse the internet I love to...
  10. JuZz'<3

    Inappropriate messages

    Good morning geeks! So I did some flyers yesterday, I recently expanded business and got new flyers and business cards out in a few surrounding areas. Had 4 phone calls yesterday evening from the areas so I got a better response than I expected... Till this morning. Turned on my business...
  11. JuZz'<3

    Long distance relationships?

    I say long distance but this fella I'm seeing is only actually a 3 hour drive away! However it is two totally difference cities... I was just wondering if anyone else has been through this and wouldn't mind sharing their experience? I'm trying to stay positive so hoping for lots of happy...
  12. JuZz'<3

    Eyelash training!

    Hello all. Looking for a spot of advice... Today I am doing my airbase make up course. I was wondering, when I offer make up as a service, if I also offered strip eye lashes (not individual) Whether there is some sort of training/certificate I need to do this? Thanks in advance :)
  13. JuZz'<3

    Not posted in a while and needing advice please!

    Hi all! Not been on in a whole so after I've posted this I'm going to do some reading and catching up :) Here's my situation that's occured I did a perm on a lady at the beginning of January, She has contacted me today saying its friZzy and asking for my advice After conversations with her...
  14. JuZz'<3

    Biography for website

    could I please have some opinions on a Bio section for website, here is what I have written so far. Hello, Thank-you for taking the time to view my website. I have been apart of this amazing industry for 5 years and I have qualified in all 3 levels of Hairdressing. After 5 years in the...
  15. JuZz'<3

    What attracts you?

    Hello geeks Im currently looking into purchasing a Domain and having a unique logo made, which has also made me wonder about business names. at the moment its sort of Justine Hair Designs I sort of want something extravagant... I want something that screams HELLLLOOOOOOO!!! so what...
  16. JuZz'<3

    Should I worry?

    Hello geeks. I fitted a full head of pre bonded extensions in October. Contact between this lady before fitting was fab she alway replied to calls etc. Since fitting I've not been able to reach her as much. She canceled the maintenance appointment and I am un aware whether she has them in...
  17. JuZz'<3

    Sally Morgan live

    Has any body been to see psychic Sally? I missed her the last time she was down as she sold out pretty fast but she is in nottingham again in April and I got tickets for my bday :D!!!
  18. JuZz'<3

    Which purple do you recommend?

    I currently use loreal but I'm open to trying a new brand :) My friend is currently a base 6 (roots) She has bleach blonde hair She currently wants to go this crazy 1-2 and 1/2 colour. She is very loyal and always has regular colour so I have no doubts she will keep up with and maintain such...
  19. JuZz'<3

    Salon Geek made my day

    Logging on to see this message was lovely.:Love:
  20. JuZz'<3

    Can I have opinions on my price list, please

    So here is my new price list, ready to start up full time mobile :) Dry Cut - £10-£12 Cut & Blowdry - from £15 Re-style - £20 (+£5 for blowdry) Children from £5 (depending on age and must be booked with another appointment) Blowdry - £15 Set £15 Perm from £25 Treatments from £10 (or added to...