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  1. Papillion

    What do you think of NHS discount?

    Wow some harsh attitudes on here. I am liking this modern world we live in less and less, and this forum less and less! Not going to argue about it though. Just feel sad.
  2. Papillion

    What do you think of NHS discount?

    Nurses and hospital staff deal daily with peoples body fluids, sickness, some of which is contagious, and death. You can argue people know what career they are going into but I don't see any harm in giving a tiny reward to the people in are society who are willing to do the jobs that deal with...
  3. Papillion

    Movies to watch?

    Two films I recently saw and enjoyed even though I didn't expect to, Midnight in Paris and The Help.
  4. Papillion

    My son wants to be a Nail Technician

    Maybe, if he hasn't found them already, he'd like to have a look at the Youngs Nails videos on you tube for a bit of male nail tech inspiration. Young Nails Education Videos - YouTube
  5. Papillion

    Holes appearing in my clothes

    Mine is definitely moths because some clothes were so new I hadn't washed them yet. Ok one minute, holes the next. Wish it was the washing machine I could fix that. If anyone has any other moth remedies I would be very grateful.
  6. Papillion

    Holes appearing in my clothes

    I've been having this problem with clothes moths. I end up buying the Raid clothes moth repellers from the supermarket but find I have to keep getting them every few months else the little holes start appearing again. Pain in the backside, especially when it happens to newly bought clothes...
  7. Papillion

    Isn't short hair fashionable anymore?

    I had waist length long naturally thick hair. It used to stand out before every Tom Dick and Harriett started having extensions (some of us have got it naturally,:D) but I went short and punky purposely to stand out a bit. I am neither old or lesbian, or an old lesbian.
  8. Papillion

    Feel like I'm addicted to eating and can't give up

    How to Lose Weight (Ask Teal Episode on Weight Loss and Obesity) - YouTube I really liked this lady's video. A bit airey fairey but the basic points rang a bell with me. May help, may not.
  9. Papillion

    Does anyone else feel too sick to eat breakfast?

    Skipping one meal doesn't actually make your body so into 'starvation mode' (it's a modern day myth). It would take a couple of days for that to happen. So no probs if you don't eat as soon as you wake up.
  10. Papillion

    Babyliss PRO Perfect Curl

    Does anyone know how well it works on shorter hair? Does hair have to be a certain length?
  11. Papillion

    Does anyone else feel too sick to eat breakfast?

    Nope don't smoke, never have.
  12. Papillion

    Does anyone else feel too sick to eat breakfast?

    I can't eat breakfast either. Even if I am up really early I can't eat before 10, usually it's late morning when I first eat. And yes the thought of food earlier does make me feel sick. Comes in handy when doing the 5:2 though!
  13. Papillion

    Does anyone feel sick at the smell of Solar Oil?

    No, it reminds me of Disaronno :lick:. I love anything almondy, though not keen on vanilla.
  14. Papillion

    Store box color used on little girl's hair

    That poor little girl. I wonder if her school had anything to say about it? Maybe you could offer to show them an up do to wear while it's growing out. That's all I can think of. I would even worry about cutting it as the little girl might not want it shorter and then she will have colour...
  15. Papillion

    Psoraisis natural remedies

    Mine stopped when I stopped eating dairy. It turns out I am allergic to Casein in milk, which was aiding and abetting the psoriasis (amongst other things). I stress I only did this with my GP's knowledge and was tested and diagnosed by him. Might be worth her asking about it to see if...
  16. Papillion

    OK then, scone (as in gone) or scone (as in bone)?

    Scone as in gone. Which when I'm around it usually will be :D Oh an I's West country so farmers an' pirates a plenty!
  17. Papillion

    What else do any of you do?

    I'm a PT as well as the beauty/nails/hair. Thought I might as well do the whole package! Have also just started doing some acting courses at RADA and may do a BA.
  18. Papillion

    Pre holiday diet

    I would go for low carb (not no carb). It's the one that has the most instant weight loss for the first couple of weeks. (Although over long term other types of diet catch up).
  19. Papillion

    Just had car accident

    What a complete $h!t driving off like that. I wonder if he had any insurance at all? Glad to hear you weren't more seriously harmed, although what happened was bad enough.
  20. Papillion

    Shall I try out being red instead of blonde?

    Are we talking pillar box red or naturally occurring auburn red? I have bright red and love it. However it takes a lot of upkeep (red fades quickly). I reapply a stain about every 4 weeks to keep it bright. You also need dark coloured towels!! I have had friends who went red and changed...