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  1. Nailsbynataliamalaga

    Facials with short acrylics?

    Hi everyone so I work as a nail technician I always like my nails to stand out in public and with my clients but I will be adding to my services eyebrows dermoplaning and facials, I know I won't be able to have long acrylic nails performing such services but would it be appropriate to have short...
  2. Nailsbynataliamalaga

    Anyone going to salon look Madrid expo?

    Evening, anyone here going to the expo in Madrid in October for the nailympics? I'm competing in stilleto division would love to speak to others who are attending :) x
  3. Nailsbynataliamalaga

    Need advice renting table

    Evening everyone thanks for taking the time to read this i am a fully qualified nail technician, so i have a full time job covering my house hold bills etc i met with a salon owner on Friday who offered me to rent a table in her salon at 50€ a day who i explained i only wanted to start doing...