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  1. katexx

    How much should i increase my prices for this year?

    I am designing a new price list which i will give out for April. But i am struggling to know how much is okay to inrease the prices without upsetting my clients! I have a homebased beauty salon. Any help woul be much apprieciated :) thanks.
  2. katexx

    Help with Stripping my spray gun !

    Yeah!! Thank you again. I have had 3 thoroughly covered ladies since taking your advice. So I think i will treat myself now:) And when I do need a new gun i now know were to go :0) xx
  3. katexx

    Help with Stripping my spray gun !

    I would just like to say a big thank you to the Lovely man from tantrick who helped me to solve my spray tan problem. My spray kept stopping and starting and he advised me to remove the plastic ring in the gun. Well i did and Ive just sprayed a client and ,Yeah! complete coverage. Thank you...
  4. katexx

    Help with Stripping my spray gun !

    Thank you, I'll get the pliers out! As soon as my next lady has left me. Thanks again for both your help :o) x
  5. katexx

    Help with Stripping my spray gun !

    Hi Thank you for getting back to me :) Yes i have, the needle usually just pulls out but today it is really stuck :irked: Im not sure what to do now.
  6. katexx

    Help with Stripping my spray gun !

    Please can anybody help? I am stripping my spray tan gun to clean it and my needle seems to be stuck, it will not come out:cry: I just wondered if this had happened to you and what did you do to get it out. Ive tried wd40 but still not budging xx
  7. katexx

    Cleaning your Eve Taylor facial brush ?

    Can anyone tell me how they are sanitising there facial brushes. I was using a little disinfectant and hot water then standing them on there side to drip dry. but the rubber has started to melt and the blue colour is coming off :irked: They feel all sticky now. :irked:
  8. katexx

    finally an interview for teaching!

    Hi, i don't mean to pinch your post but i also have an interview for teaching on Tuesday and wondered if you have any advice. They say we have to deliver a 10min demonstration on preparing a client for a body faradic and needs to be supported by differentiated documentation that i can...
  9. katexx

    do you treat men in your home salon?

    :confused: Hi everyone. I work on my own from home and i do have a few male clients, but most of them have come to me due to there wives booking them in, so i feel safe because i know there wife. But the other day i had my leaflets delivered to the houses near my house (just before christmas)...
  10. katexx

    help eyebrow wax grazed/red!

    try applying a little oil to the brow after cleansing the skin then blotting excess oil away (so only a light film is on the skin). This stops the wax pulling on the skin and taking to many skin cells away. This reaction can also happen if client is taking medication that thins the skin, so...
  11. katexx


    Thanks for getting back to me i wll do. katexx:wink2:
  12. katexx


    Hiya i just wondered if any of you have used the eyessentials eye cream. My mum called me today to say her friend had got it and let mum try it and she said it was amazing. (my mum is usually very sceptical about these things). She said it really tightened the skin. ( i think it has egg white...
  13. katexx

    Skin Truth skincare range

    hi i used to use skintruth in my homebased salon when i lived in germany beacause it was easy for posting, but as soon as i came home i changed . I am now using Eve Taylor range which Iam very impressed with and my clients are loving it too which is great. They have great start up packages and...
  14. katexx

    Oh no! Eyelash Perm didnt work.....

    I was told that pregnancy and hormones can stop the hair taking the perm. I think it is due to the protein in our her and skin changes. And also certain medications. Dont worry yourself to much its has happened to me to xx
  15. katexx

    teaching beauty - were to begin

    Do any of you teach beauty therapy. I would love to but am not sure were to start . I have been qualified in level 3 beauty therapy for 11 years and would like a new challange.:)
  16. katexx

    naturasun for spray tans

    :?: has anyone had any experience with natura sun spray tans. There opening package is very appealing but I wondered if it was to good to be true.They are offering the HVLP machine, 2,2 litres of tan solution, a pop up tent and a display stand of retail all fo £595. Its called there full monty...
  17. katexx

    Which range to use?

    :)hi i have recently started using eve taylor and i am really pleased with the products, the price and the flexibility of being able to create my own facials. I have worked with clarins, guinot and decleor in the past which are lovely products but much more expensive . you should give them a...
  18. katexx

    Unsure which new spray tan solution to go for?

    Have you tried couture tan. Iam really pleased with the colour, the price and how it fades. All of my clients have given me positive feedback so im really happy:)
  19. katexx

    Client with eyebrow tint problem

    I was taught that brows only last between 1-2 weeks anyway and eye lashes between 3-5 weeks so this is normal if my clients want very defined brows i leave the tint on them for 10 minutes :)
  20. katexx

    Couture Spray Tan - How to get going...

    I got mine last week and i have put an offer out for half price tan in may. It is great because i feel more confident gaining my experience whilst charging £ 10 (normally £20) :smack: