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  1. DivaNails

    Dream L+P lifting

    Just to say a huge thankyou.....:)
  2. DivaNails

    Dream L+P lifting

    Hi Sorry ladies, I have just qualified as a nail technician on July 5th 07. I trained with essential nails on a home learning course. The course took me 2 months to complete. Now i am qualified, i am renting a chair in a salon. I am using all Dream products. I have worked on a handful of...
  3. DivaNails

    Dream L+P lifting

    I have just qualified as a Nail Technican. I am working in a salon at present. I am having a real trouble with several clients coming back and saying there nails lifted and fell off. Can someone tell me what products they are using and what dream acrylic, primer etc which is my current system...
  4. DivaNails

    ezflow acrylic advice needed help !

    Hiya all, Okay i'm really new to this so please excuse me. I am having trouble keeping my clients nails on. I am having them come back within days saying there nails lifted and fell off. What is Ezbond i have read a few things about it. Can i buy it ? What do you think what am i doing so...