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  1. mdnaples

    I'm disappointed with the "Just for You" Gelish collection!

    I have to say as a Gelish Lover myself ...I am NOT impressed with these new releases...however i guess it's not all about us as nail techs to like them. My problem is that i have to like to promote. Maybe layering will change the bland look of these colors...they are very bland :(
  2. mdnaples

    Opening a Nail Salon in USA

    Thank you for that info. I will check it out ! :) I do have my Nail License for the State of Florida. I am ever hopeful that an American Nail Salon Owner can give advice on everything else i will need to pursue my Biz further. Meantime...I will have a good read :) Thanks Again :)
  3. mdnaples

    Opening a Nail Salon in USA

    Hi All I'm new to the Biz forum and since Salon Geek attracts professionals and newbies from all over the world, hopefully someone can help me here? I am looking to open a Nail Salon in USA and wondered if there were any USA salon owners on here that can give me adivce on what it takes to...
  4. mdnaples

    Gelish fading

    I have it's a lily too but it has never faded. Interesting tho... I do wonder what the shelf life is once you open your gelish polish ? Anyone know ?
  5. mdnaples

    Rockstar toes! Post your pics too

    I love these :)...what glitter did u use on your mum ?
  6. mdnaples

    Pedicure trauma!

    When i do a pedicure I don't buff all the way up i doing my pedicures wrong? I trained in USA college and we were only told to buff the heels never above.
  7. mdnaples

    Pedicures ...what's your fave?

    Hello Nail Geeks There is a lot on here mostly about finger nails not a lot of pics on feet is one my fav pedicures. It would be lovely to see anyone else that wants to share thier fav pedi's
  8. mdnaples

    UV polish-what are your preferences?

    Hi :) I have Gelish and love it ! ... There are so many colors to choose from but really it's an awesome product :) I also have some Shellac ( not a lot of it ) i like it too :) It's hard to decide but i have to say I am so pleased with Gelish, glad it was my No 1 choice :)
  9. mdnaples

    Removal of crystal pedi's

    Hi I do crystal pedi's.. The removal is easy...since your using shellac i recommend you use the remover that's specific for shellac. I use Gelish so i use Gelish remover not acetone since it's definitely gentler, i also find that the real swarovski crystals ( which i use) keep thier sparkle...
  10. mdnaples

    New trend - duck feet shaped nails

    Finger nails and Toe nails are NOT meant to look like that!!! Yuck ! Yuck! I know an american nail tech that does all these weird nail designs and bulks the nails up with what i call's so tacky! Each to thier own i guess, but holy moly!!!! It's just NOT right! LOL
  11. mdnaples

    Can't decide!

    When first got my Gelish colors i wanted to try everyone single one ...LOL...I love hot pink so i went for the brightest pink i had which was passion at the time...i still love it, anyways, I did chop and change my nails a lot...LOL Now i have settled down after the excitement of first getting...
  12. mdnaples

    Disappointed with Gelish Bronzed

    I do the same as JoJo :) but i have applied morroccon nights as the base layer 2 coats as i don't have need a tan and then 2 coats bronzed :) I love bronzed too, it really stood out when i did Gelish Bella's Vampire on all fingers apart from the ring fingers, i did was beautiful :)...
  13. mdnaples

    How are you promoting Gelish?

    JoJo has the right idea :) Facebook is a great source for advertising and REAL people see it day in day out ! Posting pics on FB is awesome! I am in UK at the mo visiting family usually im based in USA. I'm here for a few months and here i am doing Gelish too LOL ! It's a way of life no...
  14. mdnaples

    Dashing Diva, CND Gel Bond and Shellac

    I use DD french wraps too and i did have a couple nails of my own lift and i did pick them off when i first applied DD...what i found was i didn't glue it on properly and cap the free edge enough so everytime i apply DD I make sure it's buffed snug to the nail and then i applied Gelish structure...
  15. mdnaples

    How are you promoting Gelish?

    Actually Gelish is Shellac's competition...they are not made of the same components but really customers are not interested in the science as per say, but they are interested in the benefits :) Maybe you should explain to them that Gelish is similar to Shellac, provides beautiful shine and...
  16. mdnaples

    Summer Shellac anticipation

    Google " CDN Shellac layering" it shows u some colors they layer ...pretty cool :)
  17. mdnaples

    Flaky nails

    I have a friend that had a tendency to have flaky nails just like your mum's. I buffed the flakiness away with a light buff nothing heavy, I then applied gelish gel polish and got her into the routine of maintinaing her nails with Solar Oil, so far so good. After 3 weeks of having gelish on I...
  18. mdnaples

    Soak off UV gel

    I would say CND have excellent Brisa Gel and i love Nail Harmony Gelish Strucure Gel....and Entity Gel maybe try a couple different before u settle on what u really want to use. I bought some ASP gel polish...they were on sale at sallys but i have to say I didn't like them...they were going...
  19. mdnaples

    Additions manicure

    I am not sure either ...I think possiblely they are pigments ...hopefully someone will enlighten us ?
  20. mdnaples

    Nail fixes

    I guess it's up to you but to be honest i would think that the time it takes to fix a whole set of rockstar nails you might as well start a fresh. Obviously if they have been on more than a week i would opt more to have them removed and done again. It's different if they had come to you after a...