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  1. BeautyByNikki

    New pregnancy thread

    That is a lush bump [emoji178]
  2. BeautyByNikki

    New pregnancy thread

    Babychops, I've not been on SG for ages (had a little boy Oct '14) and you were on the original pregnancy thread ttc so it's wonderful to see you're pregnant and hopefully about to drop! Massive congratulations to you. I'm pregnant again after a MC in June. I'm only 5 weeks and super nervous to...
  3. BeautyByNikki

    Do I need to train in pedicure?

    I didn't realise you could undertake a CND Shellac course without a mani/pedi qualification? Or it's just changed since I did it
  4. BeautyByNikki

    Shellac curing times

    Longevity is brilliant, finish is even better than the UV lamp especially combined with the Xpress 5 top coat. All my clients comment on the speed even though I always worked with 2 UV lamps. I love my CND LED lamp!
  5. BeautyByNikki

    Resisting the urge to do a pregnancy test

    Congratulations babychops, that is absolutely amazing news! My heart broke a little every time you weren't pregnant. Try not to worry too much, don't let your worry ruin this amazing feeling. So incredibly happy for you xx
  6. BeautyByNikki

    New facial brand wanted

    Look at Dr Renaud, their start up isn't extortionate. I worked for them for a while, lush products, very effective and I had good sales. They'll be at Pro Beauty in London if you're going. Or you can request an information pack. Their website is distributed in the UK by...
  7. BeautyByNikki

    Show us your baby bumps and scans

    Congratulations! He's lovely <3 And congratulations welshie! Laughing to myself about "6 tests later" !
  8. BeautyByNikki

    Best card machine?

    I did initially, I charged 50p towards the cost. However, I wouldn't like to be charged for the convenience of using card so decided to drop it. My card sales have quadrupled since I did so and people add on treatments at the last minute (if there's time) and don't need to worry about how much...
  9. BeautyByNikki

    Best card machine?

    I use Intuit Pay from Quickbooks. I paid £49 for the chip & pin reader and it works via bluetooth on my phone. It doesn't cost monthly but has a high transaction rate of 2.75%. However, I only have a small amount of card takings at the moment so works best for me. As Vic said above, you need to...
  10. BeautyByNikki

    Show us your baby bumps and scans

    Aiden James Richard Kenton weighed 7lb7oz and arrived yesterday afternoon after 38.5 hours start to finish. Managed to avoid the induction though!
  11. BeautyByNikki

    Show us your baby bumps and scans

    Congratulations, she's lovely. I was due yesterday so I'm getting irritable now. Just booked my stretch and sweep for sunday >_< yuck and my induction for the 24th. Not a happy bunny at the moment!
  12. BeautyByNikki

    Show us your baby bumps and scans

    Congratulations!!! She's gorgeous! And lovely and small - yay! x
  13. BeautyByNikki

    Show us your baby bumps and scans

    No :-( Not even braxton hicks. I don't do late, so I'm hoping he comes soon. Husband thinks Tuesday, SIL thinks Thursday, I'd be happy with anything before next Sunday! Even happier if he came this Sunday. I've decided not to be overweight for the next one, turning over in bed is a mission...
  14. BeautyByNikki

    Show us your baby bumps and scans

    You might have helped encourage her on her way! Can't believe we're nearly there, it's so exciting
  15. BeautyByNikki


    Not a smoker but wanted to wish you all the very best of luck. I think choosing to give up because YOU want to is very admirable. I'm looking forward to reading how you all get on.
  16. BeautyByNikki

    Show us your baby bumps and scans

    We're nearly there!! I'm due 12/10 and finish tomorrow. I think I'll sleep til baby boy arrives! Can't believe how time has flown, it's incredible
  17. BeautyByNikki

    IBD or Orly FX gel polish?

    I can't comment on IBD as i've not used it but I can tell you that I do not like Orly Gel FX. Dark colours shrink no matter how much you shake, plus removal can be a nightmare. You have to "scrape" and one of their educators even admitted this. Gelish on the other hand, I love. Nice and fluid...
  18. BeautyByNikki

    Half leg wax?

    It depends on a few different factors: How long have you been waxing? What are you using? Are you home/mobile/salon based? I've been qualified 8 years, use Phd wax and work for myself in my salon. I can do a half leg wax in 10 minutes.
  19. BeautyByNikki

    Olympia Beauty 2014!

    I drove, got to the car park about 9.50am and got parked on level 4. I was impressed, it wasn't bad at all. Getting out was easy as well. I've not really driven in London so was quite nervous but ended up having a positive experience. Plus it meant we could put our bags in the car then go off...
  20. BeautyByNikki

    Urgent-Shellac aftercare

    I think it's because your comment was very sarcastic! Charlistar was pulling you up on being rude. 124 people could have opened the thread but may have been on their phones so unable to copy and paste their aftercare, or they could have been people unable to help. She was merely explaining this.