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  1. HairdressingBug

    Going mobile

    Hi geeks, I've been salon based for a long time. I owned my own salon up until June this year and closed up and went to another local salon as a rent a chair. Everything has been amazing g we get on so well my clients were happy with the move and I hardly lost any at all. But today the salon...
  2. HairdressingBug

    Kill me now

    Im in shock! i follow a page on facebook. it is actually used for selling and buying hairdressing equipment etc, but occasionally (lile this morning) "hairdressers" will come on and ask advice on colours etc. Well this morning this happened and its really got my back up. The op asked "Can I use...
  3. HairdressingBug

    Chemical burn from perm

    Hi geeks. Seriously confused. I had a perm in this afternoon a client who i do regularly but only permed her hair once before and did t have a problem. This time i permed her hair exactly the same used all the correct ppe and cotton wool etc and she had a chemical burn on her forhead near her...
  4. HairdressingBug

    Thoughts on Fudge?

    Hi geeks. Ive recently started workibg in a salon and they almost exclusivly use fudge products for the hairdressing. Since i qualified 13 years or so ago i have always used wella. I girl who owns the salon used to use wella to (i trained with her) and she said she prefers fudge. Its not a...
  5. HairdressingBug

    Employment law query

    Hi, i feel my partner is being treated unfairly at work. He has worked for his employer for 14 years now and is the manager of the department he works in. This time last year there was 4 members of staff in the department, him, the assistant manager, an improver and an apprentice. Since then the...
  6. HairdressingBug

    Loyalty schemes?

    How do you do this? I have just started a loyalty scheme but wondering how you go about a recommmend a friend scheme? Any suggestions gratefully received Tia
  7. HairdressingBug

    Brazilian blowdry

    Hi geeks. I live in a small town in wales and i have seen alot of people talking about brazilian blowdrys on here. This is something no salons do in our area and other than on here i havnt really heard about them. Could someone explain to me what they are, what benefits they give, products they...
  8. HairdressingBug

    Wella straighten it

    Hi Geeks, Have any of you ever used Wella straighten it (chemical straightening) its been years since someone has asked me about chemical straightening and ive had someone booked in for Thursday with me for it. Is it any good? :) TIA
  9. HairdressingBug

    Excuse me if this is rude

    Hi guys and galls, I am new to this site and I love it! I only joined it a few weeks ago. There is only one thing that really annoys me about it though! There are a few posters that come on here and are soo rude to other posters and there is no need for it. I havnt had it happen to me YET...
  10. HairdressingBug

    White hair?

    Hi geeks, I have a client who comes in for full head foils every 8 weeks. and every time she says she wants it whiter! I get it pretty white as it is but she wants it white! I use bleech and 6% - I refuse to use more than 6%. The hair lifts perfectly. obviously I would never lift to a white...
  11. HairdressingBug

    Wella Magma

    Hi geeks, Have any of you ever used Magma? its the only colour house in wella ive never used or had and real interest in using. I got a free magma colour off my rep and it got me thinking ... why have I never used it? the answer .. because I don't know anything about it! I don't know when its...
  12. HairdressingBug

    Foundation advice

    Hi geeks, Im not a skin geek I am a hair geek but thought I would pop over for a little advice if you would be so kind :) I really struggle to find a good foundation that stays on all day. I used to love the Clinique repair ware range but they have discontinued it now so struggling to find...
  13. HairdressingBug

    Is it just me?

    HAHA I am so mean to my boyfriend. I no this sounds awful but does anyone else do this or something similar or is it just me. I make him watch One Born Every Minute - not because I love the show but because the look on his face the whole time we are watching it makes me laugh for the next week...
  14. HairdressingBug

    Advice please

    Hi Geeks, I had a lady in who wanted a pink toner (she was having her bleech roots aswell) I did the roots then mixed her toner (which was KP 10mls 10/0, 10mls 0/65 + 10mls 0/45 with 60mls pastel developer) and left it on for 5 mins at the backwash. It was lovely and she was absolutely...
  15. HairdressingBug

    Cutting it

    Anyone remember the TV series Cutting it? I loved it! does anyone know of any other series' like this one?
  16. HairdressingBug

    Grrr, skin testing

    Hi Geeks, Does anyone else have the same problem as me? In my salon we do everything by the book and wouldn't i have it any other way! but there is 3 salons within a 5 minute walk of mine and none of them do skin testing when they do colours on new clients. basically if they have tint...
  17. HairdressingBug

    What would you do?

    Hi Geeks I am after a little advise on an employee in my salon. I have a small salon with just 4 staff (including myself). In September I employed a new stylist to join our team. She is just 20 years old and during the interview with her she told me that she enjoys colouring the most but her...