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  1. vicky2512

    NSI Attraction - problem with infils last night

    Hi - just read your post and wondered - is it possible that she may have had an infill somewhere else in between comming to you? The fact that her nail is split accross the nail bed indicates some kind of trauma, heavy blow to that area etc.. the only time i have had acrylic peeling off...
  2. vicky2512

    charity bags ??

    Those bags that charities give you to donate clothing arent sent to shops they are just sold to rag merchants which pay them about 40p a kilo, the clothes are then sorted and the AAA grade gear is sold to the government by the rag merchants for somewear in the region of £10-£15 a kilo and sent...
  3. vicky2512

    What do I need to open a beauty salon?

    in my town the rents for the shopping centre are around £120,000pa rent for a single unit and for a prime position in the town around 80,000pa and for the quieter streets you will expect to pay around 60,000 pa
  4. vicky2512

    Acrylic Extensions just dont last

    Sorry Cathie - I said that quote with a hint of sarcasasm or at least that was how it was intended! - nope - she never saw me do any gel nails! hence why i retrained with Creative for L&P. vicky
  5. vicky2512

    Acrylic Extensions just dont last

    To be fair to tracey83, This doesnt surprise me as my first training was with The Edge and I was shown 2 methods of applying L&P, the first being using the 3 zone method and the 2nd being shown the all in one method where you treat the whole nail as 1 zone! (yes i know what you are all going...
  6. vicky2512

    Scratch Steps booklet

    I agree with you hun - its ok i got given mine at ExCeL - but TBH its mainly a compilation of features / tutorials / korean artistry that have appeared in the past years scratch magazines - so if you subscibe to scratch its prob not worth it.
  7. vicky2512

    I'm Pregnant!!!!

    hi i think every health authority is different - I had a Scan at 10 weeks only to check if the pregnancy was viable, I was then given the option of a Nuchal fold scan at 12 weeks and and then my last scan was at 20 weeks, which checked the head and length of the femer (sp) bone, please keep...
  8. vicky2512

    *The Official Big Brother 8 Thread*

    Are there any blokes going into the house this year? i heard one was going in on friday ? and then i read it was gonna be an all female BB
  9. vicky2512

    Nail Bar in Tesco's?!

    ummmm doin the friday big shop at tesco's or ummmm getting my nails done at tesco?? will this ever be taken seriously??? I just wonder if i apply for a job do i get to wear the regulation tartan blouse and the matching bomber jacket ensamble???:irked: Just makes a mockery of all the hard...
  10. vicky2512

    Orly Goth enamel

    hey that polish looks lush ! would you be able to get a similar effect with Voodoo or black vinyl with Northern lights silver top coat on top? Im totally in love with Limelight on top of black after somebody mentioned it on here - looks stunning xx
  11. vicky2512

    French Mani help

    Hi I read an article in Scratch the other day from martin John - (Cant think was edition it was of the top of my head - but ill dig it out) his advice was to apply the white tip Before the base coat so you can touch it up, then apply base coat and then your pink, his philosphy (sp) was that try...
  12. vicky2512

    Tips on Nail Biters - any advice on where i went wrong?

    Thank you all for your good advice - I have taken it all on board, im relitively inexperienced with nail bitters, and i could of just died when I saw this models nails but hey its a learning curve i guess and its highlighted an area to me that i need to concentrate on. Im really grateful for...
  13. vicky2512

    unhygienic cuticle oil

    If you get the 68ml bottle of Solar Oil it comes with a Brush and a Dropper as well HTH vicky x
  14. vicky2512

    Has anyone else been caught out?

    I had this too, again from an agency saying they were printing adverts in the Essex police Magazine and the add would br £199 + VAT etc etc, the guy was so pushy i siad i couldnt possibly make a decision there and then as My advertising budget was spent for the year and said you will have to...
  15. vicky2512

    Tips on Nail Biters - any advice on where i went wrong?

    Hi Rachy, Thanks for the reply, it could possibly be all of those reasons - i felt so embarrassed when the manager said to me today, she was fine about it - I just apologised and said i had never had that happen to me before so soon after enhancements and all i could put it down to was the...
  16. vicky2512

    Tips on Nail Biters - any advice on where i went wrong?

    Hi Guys I went to an interview at a salon who were looking for a Nail Technician, i had to do a trade test and they provided the model. The model had quite badly bitten nails and not much of a nail bed aslo the nails were very flat and small. I put on tips and did P&W L&P and they looked...
  17. vicky2512

    I'm Pregnant!!!!

    congratulations hun! vic xx:hug:
  18. vicky2512

    This one looks painful

    too funny !!! :green: vic xxx
  19. vicky2512

    Most Important things you have learned from this site

    well said - i totally 100% agree with that statement I was one of the unfortunate (naive) ones who did a second rate training and after joining this site went on to do my creative conversion and OMG only then did i discover how many holes there were (so to speak) in my training. BTW Good...
  20. vicky2512

    Enhancements cause weak nails......NOT!

    perhaps we should forward that to sian reeves and the production crew at This morning ! lmao