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  1. Eyekandi

    Aura Allure spray tanning machine- looking to buy new one

    Hiya I have only ever used compressors with Su-Do tanning. My compressor has gone after 6 years and am now looking at a new machine to use with Su-Do. I have never used HVLP machines as was told they burn out quick and your better off with a compressor. Obviously a massive difference in price...
  2. Eyekandi

    Shellac training

    Do you think Shellac training is nessecary? And does anyone know if training completed you recieve a certificate? Thanks
  3. Eyekandi

    Where did you buy your 250w Infra Red Lamp from?

    Looking into getting Minx training but am looking around at kit first so question in title...Where did you buy yours from ? Thanks :)
  4. Eyekandi

    What do I choose to do first?

    Ok hope this is in the right place. I'm looking to do a few courses in new year as with me working in a salon wasn't able to do NVQ 3 Beauty and they were only full-time courses available. I'm now on my own mobile and would like to gain further qualifications. So do I do CND 5day acrylic...
  5. Eyekandi

    Eyebrow tinting and tan

    Is doing ebt then tanning after ok? Can't remember if i did them in salon but got 2 next week so was just going to do it before as i know how dark to go with their tan. Thanks
  6. Eyekandi

    Has anyone used either of these for spray tanning?

    Su-Zoom Entry Level Spray Tanning System - Su- Do Spray Tanning: Buy Su-Do tanning lotion online Su-Zoom Entry Level Spray Tanning System Su-Do Mobile System - Su- Do Spray Tanning: Buy Su-Do tanning lotion online Su-Do Mobile System Has anyony used either of these 2 machines? It will be for...
  7. Eyekandi

    What spray tan compressor should i get for mobile?

    Hiya I'm new and my name is Kerry. :) I've been self-employed for 2 and half years but worked in a salon before then for about 4 years. I have worked with St Tropez and Sudo spray tanning which i love. I've now decided to get a compressor to do mobile work. I have seen an offer on at my local...