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  1. Moby

    Why are there so many 'messers' around?

    Well this was super interesting! (If not a little tiring to read! Haha) I think cost and education are actually very big issues in this (except for cleanliness which is pure laziness!) Well if it's still a 'well-known' company which offers very affordable training and products compared to...
  2. Moby

    I lease a station to do nails but salon owner wants me to run the salon for free

    I used to rent tables a few years ago when I first began. My first salon was great and she had a receptionist and would always warn me in advance if there she not going to be in. This was rare but I didn't mind becuase she was a good caring boss. The second salon boss expected the same as...
  3. Moby

    Using other people's photos

    This really bugs me too, I actually found 2 local technicians who had other people's work on their website too - but the only reason I know this is because I now have their clients who told me they were rubbish! 1 of them promoted herself as a Star Nails trainer and took 4 hours on an infill...
  4. Moby

    Pink for French Manicure help

    Hi Geeks, I'm sure this has been answered many times but I can't find it anywhere on here, just need some advice please! I don't really like CND's pinks for the manicures, they are too light, my fave is Rose water, but again too light. I can't seem to find a really nice 'full healthy pinky'...
  5. Moby

    CND at Excel - Any Offers??

    Oh cool, thanks so much! I guess they must be doing something if they're going to have 'exclusive show buy-in offers.' I think it might be worth making the trip just in case then! :) Thanks again! :hug:
  6. Moby

    Special offer on nails

    It is always worth doing a special offer to gain some practice as long as you make it clear you are practicing hence the price. I never like to do these special offers for practice to new clients because I always feel they wouldn't be happy once the price goes up! Friends and family are always...
  7. Moby

    just can't get my polishing perfect!

    There is no need to worry :hug: Beginners and experienced techs have this problem I think! Just be sure never to avoid polishing because you are worried! Mainly it will come down to technique and practice but if you make a mistake and, lets say, the polish pools a little into the cuticles...
  8. Moby

    CND at Excel - Any Offers??

    Hello All! I know you don't like repeat threads so i'm sorry in advance if it is! But I can't seem to find the info I need so I hope someone can help please! I am just wondering if CND are going to have any sort of offers on at Februarys Excel for the Shellac & the Minx?? I know most likely...
  9. Moby

    Can somebody please have a look?

    It's a lovely first website, but Home pages with loads of writing always put me off to be honest. I hate scrolling and scrolling and scrolling! I know it's really hard to cut down but I personally would keep the first 3 paragraphs and that's it. I would place the rest of the remaining...
  10. Moby

    NVQ needed for Teaching?

    wow so much to it! Thank you so much! I didn't think into great detail about what else it would involve like homework etc tbh! At least I know what to expect and can have a good think on it now and start somewhere. Thanks again! :hug:
  11. Moby

    Loyalty Cards

    I have tried it and found it hit and miss tbh. Loyal clients will always stay loyal if you provide a professional service. I felt like I lost out financially, but when I stopped it no one left me, everyone was just as happy and understood when I explained to them. If you want to try it, just...
  12. Moby

    NVQ needed for Teaching?

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone could help please! I love doing nails but may need to give it up because of circumstances at home :( I am a home based salon and was just about to revamp the whole place for Christmas but may have to give it up for good instead! :cry: I did a beauty course a...
  13. Moby

    Laser hair removal advice

    Hi Cirrus, I have been having laser hair removal for a few years now and highly recommened it, but you do need to do your research first! I have been to 4 different places to have it done (which does not sound good I know!) They were all for IPL and now i'm going to have actual Laser done...
  14. Moby


    Hiya, I got mine too and wanted to show all the effects. I use one of those colour pop stand up displays. (You can get them from Ebay for about £10-£15 for a 64 display set.) I did this with the old Creative collection and clients love the fact that you can pull them out to see how they'd look...
  15. Moby

    Which nail service do you offer?

    I do both but l&p on hands & gel on feet. (I just can't work at all well with gel on fingernails!) I also have a few people asking for gel when they first ring and I always ask 'why?' normally it's the same rubbish 'its better for your nails' etc but a new one I had was 'well my nails will be...
  16. Moby

    I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! But what nails though??

    Those susan loasby's nails look lovely!! Yes I need to start trying things out - I do hate drawing but glow in the dark sounds fun! Bobble eyes, only for my knitting thanks! lol I did do a search on here and google for halloween nails but nothing much came up :( Do they not do a halloween...
  17. Moby

    Favorite Acrylic Brush?

    Pro Styler for me too, I love it, keep my old one for glitter nails and my spanking new one is just perfect! I tried the "big people's" Ultra Sculptor and couldn't use it to save my life!
  18. Moby

    I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! But what nails though??

    Hello happy people! (Or mostly happy!) I am totally obsessed with holloween and wanted to finally do my nails for the occasion! I don't know what I'm gona dress up as this year (but might be a witch cos that's just easy!) So want nails to match! I want them long! I mean really really REALLY...
  19. Moby


    So you could call me greedy because I sold my stuff on Ebay?? lol - Yes, my business was in a position of going under, but no, I was being greedy and thought - oooh, look at all that tonnes of money I could make!!! But yes it was about money, but because I really needed it. And if that makes...
  20. Moby


    I think this will have to be one of those "agree to disagree" situations. I think ALOT of people buy & sell from on Ebay off this site but are too embarrassed to admit to it. I buy and sell off of Ebay and after 4 years of trading - touch wood - I have never had a problem. I had a bad stint...