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  1. BKY

    Natural nail overlay gel

    Hiya, Have you looked at NCO London gels? I never seem to have any trouble with clients coming back with cracks / brakages, and they have a wide range of colours etc... Bky
  2. BKY

    Can anyone Help me choose the best gel to use?

    Hi Jen, Another gel to look at is NCO London, they do soak off and file off gels and also have a great range of colours. Bky :)
  3. BKY


    Congratulations, thats great news. Hope you will both be very happy together. x The ring is beautiful by the way, he made a good choice.
  4. BKY

    Look what I've done to my new T-Shirt!

    They are great! I have just been blinging my tunic up for 1st day back at college. Just to bring a little sparkle into my day. If anything sits still for long enough I hot fix it! The real swarovski crystal hot fix are extra special, but cost a little bit more but well worth it.
  5. BKY

    Personal recognition

    I like making jewellery and tiaras in my spare time (if I have any!!!!) I also competed for the North west in many gymnastics compettions. I competed all over England and in France and Germany. Loved it, untill one day I was competing in the british nationals down in Bognor Regis and I had a...
  6. BKY

    On the Logo Bandwagon

    I like the first one.
  7. BKY

    Nail competitions advice

    No problem. While I remember there is an annual Christmas comp run by Jo shirley, Held in Rotherham on 30th nov. You can call Jo for a place on the guest list or to enter the comps or just for more details, on 01302 340550. Or email on [email protected] This comp is open to all...
  8. BKY

    Web Sites helppppppppppp

    Forgot to say you pay a small price to buy the mr site website and it is free for the first year then only a couple of pounds per month after that. Bky
  9. BKY

    Web Sites helppppppppppp

    I am in the middle of building one using Mr site take away website, its really quite simple and lots of templates to choose from. It was recomende to me by a client. Just have a look into all the suggestions and see which one suits you the best. Good luck, and post the finished site when you...
  10. BKY

    Nail competitions advice

    Hi Lisa, Great to hear you are interested in entering competitions. If you have a look there are some recent threads about competitions and some to enter through the salon geek site (I think this was done by the beauty guild) Also there is a competition in October in Manchester rules can be...
  11. BKY

    NVQ or not

    Hi Anne, You wont be the oldest at college, (last year I thought I would be at 30yr but I was really surprised) I have just completed nvq level2 beauty and we had other girlies and ladies ages ranging from 18 to over 50 and we all had a great year together. You will really enjoy it. I...
  12. BKY

    beauty suppliers in manchester

    Stockport near Manchester has a Sallys, a m&s and also an Alan Howards. Hth
  13. BKY

    Glitter fades

    Wow, I love these colours. Which ones have you used?
  14. BKY

    1st 3D rose

    Beautiful flower, very realistic.:)
  15. BKY

    Sandra's Wedding.

    beautiful work. :)
  16. BKY

    Vistaprint - glossy business cards question

    I have some too, and like christine the front is glossy and the back is matte, and I have had no problems with them. hth.:)
  17. BKY

    Anyone converted their garage to a home salon? pics wanted :)

    I have just got a summer house last Friday, had the electric fitted today and we are having a sink put in sometime in the next couple of weeks. Just having cold water in but if I need hot water I will use the kettle! It looks fab and I cant wait to get in it.
  18. BKY

    Black Rose (Tip)

    These look great. :)
  19. BKY

    Stilettos with Inlay Leaves and 3D-Roses

    Great tutorial. Easy to understand.
  20. BKY

    Business phones

    I have a seperate mobile phone for work, and I only have it on Monday to Friday 09:00 till 18:00 for clients to book their appointments. This works out well for me. I used to have it on a pay as you go but just recently got a contract for £10 month for 100 text and 100 mins so I can text special...