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  1. Tip Toes

    Gel polish

    I know it is personal preference but I was wondering what you thought are regarding Gelish compared to IBD? I have been happy with Gelish compared to another brand however my issues are with colour change and a few customers who experience peeling.
  2. Tip Toes

    Magazine promo shellac?

    Good evening all! I am eagerly awaiting my shellac delivery, soooo excited. Can anyone please tell me is there any current glossy mags advertising shellac nails. Thought it would be a good marketing tool as minx was evrywhere at one time :-)
  3. Tip Toes

    NSS question please help!

    Hi all fellow techs :D Could any of my lovely tech friends help me please? I have a client that went away for 6 weeks whilst there she had a new set on, i have no problem with that. However this customer is a defo 2-3 weeker and always breaks 1, now here is the problem she has had them on 7...
  4. Tip Toes

    New nails!!

    Trying to get my customers away from Always having pink and white. Nails pictures by HugoBoss_2008 - Photobucket
  5. Tip Toes

    New pics!

    Hello all! After doing my Brisa gel couse i have added pics of my first Brisa nails and toes. They are in my photo album comments welcome :hug:
  6. Tip Toes

    New pics!

  7. Tip Toes

    Charge for UV top coat!

    Hi Fellow Geeks :) I have been making up new signs for my salon today offering revamped treatments. But unfortunately i have spent the last half hour with a thumping head not knowing what to put on my poster offering gel top coat to acrylic nails. :rolleyes: The design is there its the...
  8. Tip Toes

    Completed a Brisa Gel course

    Anyone thinking of doing this course? All i can say is GO FOR IT!!! :) Today i attended a Brisa gel system course and loved it. Thanks to Clare! I was nervous but soon felt at ease and enjoyed every minute, a few problems with the shakes but overall okay. Clare was very helpful, understanding...
  9. Tip Toes

    Acrylic and Gel?

    Hi everyone, hope u are all enjoying the hols :) My question 2day is for those of you who offer acrylic and gel nails. I am about to do my brisa course :eek: but was thinking which of my customers will change over? Or is it that i would offer different services to different clients? If that is...
  10. Tip Toes

    Wedding dress!

    Hi i'me getting married on my 40th birthday in August (all very last minute) :eek: My problem is i have seen a dress and as it's my 2nd marriage and I will be 40! I didn't really think a wedding dress was right. So anyway i have seen this dress but certain people have said "U can't wear that!"...
  11. Tip Toes

    Nail art help plz!

    I have tryed a few nail art pens etc. Some don't:- give a good cover (rather watery), have terrible brushes (no point for nice smooth line), or just horrible to work with in general. :confused: As for designs i have some really good ideas but no control please can anyone surgest a good pen...
  12. Tip Toes

    Gel system

    Well today i was sent a free NSI balance gel system and DVD WOW!!!! Never used gel before but (at the moment) must say i love it. Although i did apply with a really dodgy brush it was easy ish!! lol This product came out the blue and i must say it makes me think! Thank you NSI i'me sure i am...
  13. Tip Toes

    Blonde to dark

    Hi just wondered if any1 could pleeeeeese help! I have bleached my hair for years (in a salon) but it is breaking really bad. Should i go dark? But i would need to do this with a home kit and tips please? :eek:
  14. Tip Toes

    Nail Jewellery?

    Just wondered if anyone has a good supplier of nail jewellery? To be honest i have never been much of a fan. However a customer asked me to fit one she had and i have had 3 customers ask about them this week. Any info would be apprecriated.
  15. Tip Toes

    Facebook (billy no mates)

  16. Tip Toes

    Facebook (billy no mates)

    I have just started on facebook but look like billy no mates. How did any of you get started with your friends list? some people have thousands! I've joined the salon geek group (thats a start). But no one would know me as Sarah Gascoyne-Hall and i don't recognise other names. :cry: God I...
  17. Tip Toes

    Gel top coat

    Do any of you use gel top coat and if so which one is best looking at using it on acrylics and natural. I use air sheild at the moment but some customers are saying it is yellowing. I also use super shinney so what would be the benifits of gel top coat? :confused: Thanks!
  18. Tip Toes

    Can't do my masters!

    I really want to do my masters (with Creative), but the model requirement really is a problem for me. I would have to travel over 3 hours to get to Leeds, which isn't a problem but I have no one who could model for me. I moved 160 mile away from all my family and friends only have my Mum and...
  19. Tip Toes

    Ezflow training - Do I?

    Looking to update my training, not sure what training to do and who with. Recently I have been very impressed with Ezflow and the attention they have given me. Only thing is i'me in Lincolnshire and to be honest any training is miles...............away. Any advice!
  20. Tip Toes

    Fill lines?

    What are the lines that follow up the nail under acrylic? Not xplained this very well but lines that are arch shaped in stages up the nail under acrylic is this just not blended enough at rebalance? :rolleyes: