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    Gel polish

  2. Tip Toes

    Gelish client switching to Shellac & not happy

    Everyone will have their own favourites, however my personal findings are that when these products were first launched I offered both. In beginning I had 12 shellac and 6 gelish my customers dictated which they preferred and although gelish bottles are much bigger than shellac I now have over...
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    Gel polish

    I know it is personal preference but I was wondering what you thought are regarding Gelish compared to IBD? I have been happy with Gelish compared to another brand however my issues are with colour change and a few customers who experience peeling.
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    Air bubble mystery why oh why! HELP!

    I also had this problem a few years ago, could not understand and thought it was my new batch of powder. Though contacted supplier and they said it was my application (though my app. had never changed), stuggled like mad asked advice but could not resolve. Finally I changed product and guess...
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    Magazine promo shellac?

    Yeh got the industry ads just wondered if in anything like Grazier more the puplic type :)
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    Magazine promo shellac?

    Good evening all! I am eagerly awaiting my shellac delivery, soooo excited. Can anyone please tell me is there any current glossy mags advertising shellac nails. Thought it would be a good marketing tool as minx was evrywhere at one time :-)
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    NSS question please help!

    Many thanks for taking the time to reply :D Very helpfull information.
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    A Shellac idea? Will someone try it please

    sounds good i wait in anticipation :D
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    NSS question please help!

    Hi all fellow techs :D Could any of my lovely tech friends help me please? I have a client that went away for 6 weeks whilst there she had a new set on, i have no problem with that. However this customer is a defo 2-3 weeker and always breaks 1, now here is the problem she has had them on 7...
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    Best Acrylic System

    CND acrylic and brisa gel!
  11. Tip Toes

    New nails!!

    :hug: Thank you for the boost Geeg! Looking at doing my masters with Clare but keep putting it off not thinkin i'me up to scratch (mind the pun) That was so uplifting :) Thanks sooooo much!!!
  12. Tip Toes

    New nails!!

    Thank you Geeg! To be honest i'me on my own in a small lincolnshire market town, wages are low. Want to keep people interested and not scare people off. Honest sum of the services around me are shocking (not that i am perfest) but they are also very cheap! :confused:
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    New nails!!

    Hi geeg, £5.00 a full set £2.00 on rebalance. Just want to keep people interested but obviously have my regular french customers.
  14. Tip Toes

    New nails!!

    Trying to get my customers away from Always having pink and white. Nails pictures by HugoBoss_2008 - Photobucket
  15. Imported Photos

    Imported Photos

    These photos have been imported from our old gallery system.
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    New pics!

    Hello all! After doing my Brisa gel couse i have added pics of my first Brisa nails and toes. They are in my photo album comments welcome :hug:
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    New pics!

  18. Black glitz1 acrylic

    Black glitz1 acrylic

  19. Silver glitz BRISA

    Silver glitz BRISA

  20. Silver glitz2 BRISA

    Silver glitz2 BRISA