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  1. bnc

    Sienna X tanning kit for sale £100

    HVLP gun, tent and 3 spare canisters. Used, but in good condition. Collection only. I’m in Birmingham.
  2. bnc

    Models Wanted

  3. bnc

    Salon owners: best sites to advertise chair rentals?

    As per title really. I'm a beauty therapist taking on a salon (rental). I've been let down by 2 of the 3 stylists that were due to come on board and now need to find replacements. Where do you advertise to get the best responses? Thanks in advance Yours Stressed!
  4. bnc

    Derby Salon recommendations please - pamper session for 4 ladies this Saturday

    I can't edit the title - I'm looking for a good place to book myself and a few friends in for maybe massage, manicures etc this Saturday in Derby. Can anyone help? Thank you :)
  5. bnc

    Manual tan recommendations please

    Evening All I have searched before posting, but can't find what I'm looking for. I'm considering converting from spray to manual tanning for various reasons, one being that my beauty room is pretty small. I do have a small shower cubicle - not big enough for spray tanning, but useful for...
  6. bnc

    Nail Model Required This Tuesday In Manchester

    Hi All I've posted this in the Models Required group. I still need a model so if anyone's free and can make it to Manchester please PM me. Dear Mod's, is there any way to create...
  7. bnc

    Fotoshop by Adobe-Parody Ad

    Funniest Commercial Ever! Adobe Photoshop Makeup Parody - Would You Reelect Obama In 2012? - YouTube
  8. bnc

    How not to treat a client during a Brazilian wax

    How NOT to treat a client during a brazilian wax - YouTube
  9. bnc

    Does anyone use Ecolite?

    Afternoon All I'm looking into IPL (what a minefield!). I've been recommended Ecolite, but wanted some more feedback from any geeks that use the machine. Thanks in advance :)
  10. bnc

    Toddler night terrors/hallucinations

    Hi All Just seeing if anyone has experienced this and if there's a simple remedy! My 3 year old niece had screaming hallucinations about an hour ago. She was seeing spiders crawling on her. She's had a cold and chesty cough for a week or so and now has a high temperature and my sister is...
  11. bnc


    Dear mods, I can't seem to select 'Way Off Topic' on my phone. Can you move or change if needed. Thanks
  12. bnc

    Micropigmentation in Birmingham/Solihull

    Afternoon All! I've had an enquiry from one of my regular clients about micropigmentation for her eyebrows. Are there any geeks that can help? Thank you :)
  13. bnc

    Curly Sue

    Having a lazy Sunday watching Curly Sue. Love this film. Then I went and did a search on her. :/ She's married with 2 kids. Where's the time gone??
  14. bnc

    Updo specialist - who is she?

    Hi All I remember a while ago someone posting something about a well known stylist who specialises in updos. I think she's a middle aged Australian lady who has a series of dvds. She's so well known, I can't think of her name! Can anyone help?
  15. bnc

    How to get hair colour out of carpet?

    Hello SGs I've just had a message from a friend asking if I know how to get colour out of carpet! :eek: Can anyone help please?
  16. bnc

    Happy Independents' Day! (twitter)

    Morning All So, as well as being Independence Day for our US friends, it is also Independents' Day - a campaign to encourage people to buy from their local independent businesses. I've mentioned a few of you on twitter this morning and will follow/mention/retweet anyone who...
  17. bnc

    Flat nail gems?

    Morning All Can anyone tell me what the silver bits are in this pic please? I've had them requested for a wedding. Thanks :)
  18. bnc

    How not to treat a client

  19. bnc

    How not to treat a client

  20. bnc

    How would I achieve this updo?

    Hi Everyone. I'm doing my friend's wedding hair this weekend. I've done lots of highly styled updos for weddings before (mostly Asian brides), but this needs to be quite loose and beachy looking so I'm just after some tips on how to achieve this look. My friend has thick, straight, black...