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  1. bnc

    Sienna X tanning kit for sale £100

    HVLP gun, tent and 3 spare canisters. Used, but in good condition. Collection only. I’m in Birmingham.
  2. bnc

    Teeth whitening business help!

    Funny that...
  3. bnc

    Teeth whitening business help!

    Woah! Chill your beans a little. I'm not here for an argument. It seems we are singing from the same hymn sheet, but you're not hearing my voice..? I am pro GDC approved teeth whitening and I'm going to leave it there as we're hijacking this thread. Hope you have a nice day :)
  4. bnc

    Teeth whitening business help!

    Ok, maybe my post wasn't clear or you've taken it the wrong way. My irritation was toward the title of 'Dental Technician' being used incorrectly. I have a dental background of many years and happily support facial aesthetics and teeth whitening carried out safely and by adequately trained...
  5. bnc

    Male shaving help please!

    I understand. It might still be worth getting some advice from someone who can look at your skin properly. Doesn't necessary mean they'd have to shave too. Hope you get it sorted :)
  6. bnc

    Doing your own Brazilian?

    You epilate your hoo ha?! Ouch! I have a couple of friends who do the same. I just can't see how that's less painful than waxing 😳
  7. bnc

    Male shaving help please!

    I shave once with and then once against, but only after using hot towels and the right products to soften the beard. Your blade also needs to be sharp so that you're not pulling on the hair, which can can irritation and always follow up with cooling and moisturising products. Where are you? I...
  8. bnc

    Teeth whitening business help!

    A dental technician is a dental professional who works in a dental lab to create prosthetic appliances such as crowns, bridges and implants for dental patients. This qualification is gained after many years of training and further specific training is required if a dental technician wishes to...
  9. bnc

    Male shaving help please!

    Ok, finally getting round to post again! I do cut throat shaves and use The Shave Doctor products. I have a lot of gents coming in with the same problem who have noticed a improvement after using the Facial Scrub Wash, Shave Creme and Moisturazor. The products have a fresh smell so suit both...
  10. bnc

    Male shaving help please!

    Argh! Tried to post something and then lost it! Will try again tomorrow...
  11. bnc

    Doing your own Brazilian?

    Contact lenses is always my first thought! My glasses lift up when I'm doing my best contortionist impression making everything blurry and then I'm kinda stuck between holding onto my specs or committing to the strip that really needs to come off!
  12. bnc

    Funny things clients ask for

    "How much is eyebrow threading?" "£xx" "Is that for both eyebrows?"
  13. bnc

    Lucy's murder in Eastenders

    I know, it's just a soap, but I blarted!
  14. bnc

    Lucy's murder in Eastenders

  15. bnc

    OFF and OF

    Should of....grrrr!!
  16. bnc

    Told to use a pedicure blade or don't do pedicures

    She trained 20 years ago? So, that's 1994? I've been in hair and beauty a similar amount of time. I've kept some habits and I've ditched a few too. I've also learned lots from working with other hairdressers and therapists. You want to be working with someone who is enthusiastic about you and...
  17. bnc

    Teeth whitening?

    I think I might start offering scale and polishes. Should be ok, shouldn't it? 😳
  18. bnc

    What are you giving up for Lent?

    Crisps and bread for me! I'm a passive Hindu, but this is the second Lent I'm giving something. In a strange way it helps me focus. Having to think about what I'm eating instead of just mindlessly grazing (or gorging!) trickles over into other aspects of my day too. I feel healthier by the...
  19. bnc

    Milkshake products

    Butting in much does the full sized Whipped Cream retail for in UK? I had a sample, which everyone loved so I'm thinking of getting some in.
  20. bnc


    Well this is exactly what I thought about, but also thought I might here some some plus points here. The rep I spoke to sells it in her salon and she was quite laid back about it. She loved the products, but wasn't pushy at all. I'm going to go with my gut, which is right most of the time! No...