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    Elemis Biotec vs Caci?

    Morning All, I am selling my Icon Ultralift machine. Less than 6 months old should still be under warranty, immaculate condition. We have had genuinely god results with the machine but it's just not right for my client base unfortunately.
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    Icon ultra lift

    Can I just ask why you went from CACI to Icon? I plan on doing the opposite?
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    YUMI lash training

    HI All, Having some serious issues with YUMI lash training. Could anyone that has trained please tell me who they are accredited with? Has anyone else has issues with this brand?
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    Non surgical face lifts

    I am Mel, unless you can convince me otherwise?
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    Non surgical face lifts

    Evening Geeks, I have spent quite some time reading through all the relevant posts about Non Surgical Facelifts and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of an updated thread. My aim this year is to take on NSFC to compliment my Environ Facials. I was drawn to CACI because of the brand but...
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    Price increase - but a difficult situation

    Do you mean the business is moving or are you moving house?
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    Caci marketing

    Thankyou! I will be in touch in the new year!
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    Show us your retail areas!

    Bumping this as I would love to see some inspiration. Especially for HD Brows
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    Brows company on This Morning using Barry M?

    It's a tough one. I'm a HD stylist and I do think it was a contraversial move on Nilam's part but I bet she lost more sleep over it than we will. It does look ridiculous to anyone who knows she is the face of HD that she was not using HD pencils and palettes BUT generally it's only us stylists...
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    Microblading eyebrows

    Very interested in this, looking like Epibrows is the way I would go. I have been competent in HDs for just over 2 years but sometimes when there's no hair to work with it just doesn't cut it. Looking forward to reading more reviews.
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    Wages problem

    Do you include retail and treatments lumped in together? I'm definitely going to change it, just not entirely sure what to.
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    Staff arguments

    In testing read and I am aware it's now a little outdated. What was the outcome? I think it's great that you have one girl who goes above and beyond but really if the other girl does what she's paid for and goes home that's ok too. If there is no time to clean within the scheduled hours then...
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    Wages problem

    Just bumping this. I currently do 3.5 Their wages and when they hit target they get 10% of whatever they earn over target. I feel this is slightly unachievable and am looking a to change. Debating doing it weekly instead of monthly, dropping the target and instead of making it a percentage of...
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    Sales incentive help

    Just giving this a bump as I am looking to change my incentives. Currently the incentive is if you earn 3.5 times your wage you get 10% of anything over target. My girl has come up short every month and not through lack of hard work so I was contemplating changing it to weekly and dropping the...
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    HD Brow training

    Can we just clarify something before this thread goes on. HD Brows are HD Brows, that is the brand. If you are looking at alternative brow treatments then you could look at Wow Brows, Beverly Hill Brows and a whole host more, if you search on here you will find tonnes of othe companies offering...
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    HD brows roadshow

    Someone gave me a call about about it and as much as I hate to put a negative spin on it I feel it is more to attract new HD Stylists and gain make up distributors even though they don't have the stock to supply their existing stylists. I hope you're all aware there has been a change in...
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    Finally taken the plunge and doing HD brows!

    I can't think of anyone in their right mind that has trained in HD's and spent their hard earned money doing so that would be willing to teach someone else who hasn't done so the so called 6 step design process. Why would you? I appreciate that you are a make up artist but there is a lot more...
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    Hi Lorna, I wanted to PM you regarding your skin but I haven't been on since the site has...

    Hi Lorna, I wanted to PM you regarding your skin but I haven't been on since the site has changed and can't seem to find a way to eb able to do so. I would be interested in advising you,give me a nudge. Zooks
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    Caci marketing

    Hello! I am actually rather liking the sound of Silhouette. I have heard a lot of negative things about Caci's customer service. I won't be purchsing until next year however.
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    Flat rent day rate

    Thanks Lisa. That's what I had in my mind, it's only because she is happy to flex up. So I will charge her for 2 "normal" days a week up front regardless of whether she is there or not then if she chooses to come in for extra days she has to pay the extra at the end!