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    Threading in Oxford / Witney

    Hi I'm desperate to find anywhere that does threading in the Oxford / Witney area. Can anyone help please? Thanks x
  2. K

    Why do gels go hot?!?!?

    Another thing I find if this happens is to lightly tap your fingers whilst curing which usually stops the sensation immediately x
  3. K

    Why do gels go hot?!?!?

    Burn?? Do you mean "heat spike"? This can occur if the natural nails beds are quite thin or sometimes if the first layer of gel is applied too thickly. What does it feel like? x
  4. K

    Is this too good to be true?

    Pleased to hear that then as I was feeling a bit conned for a minute :lol:
  5. K

    Is this too good to be true?

    I can't believe how cheap that is!!! It is identical to the one I bought from NSI a couple of years ago for £99.99 + VAT. Even the NSI one has no logo on it so I guess it's probably exactly the same lamp. It's been fine for me x
  6. K

    so pretty

    Wow, they're gorgeous :)
  7. K

    Hi, New Geek advice needed

    Hi + welcome You could give the salons in your area a ring around and see what's on offer. Are there any new hair dressing salons that maybe don't already offer nails? You could put the idea to them. You've got nothing to lose. Good luck xx
  8. K

    How to remove your artificial nails !!!!

    Hey, I;ve found it... - How to Remove Artificial Nails
  9. K

    Correct way to do a french manicure

    I do base, tip, pink then top coat (capping free edge). I find two thin coats of the white work much better than one thick coat as it also helps reduce chipping too, hth x
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    What nail stuff do you take on holiday in case of emergency(broken nail)

    Same here. Not worth risking taking your kit xx
  11. K

    OPI...where do you get yours?

    I buy mine from ebay. Cheaper than Sally's and a fast service :)
  12. K

    Client wants natural french - can I mix white and pink to soften the white???

    I don't use acrylic but have read posts about people mixing with it so hopefully someone will reply soon to help you :). I use gel and have often wondered if you could do the same with gel as some people definately prefer a more natural look. not sure the gel would mix that well together...
  13. K

    Bio sculpture postage

    I use NSI and they offer free delivery when you spend just £25 (excl. VAT) on their website. I'd let them know how good other companies are and leave it up to them to change their policy or risk losing more and more customers x
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    How do I remove my nails?

    You're welcome. Have fun :) I think you're gonna be at it for a while if they're really that thick unfortunately. Good luck with 'em x
  15. K

    How do I remove my nails?

    Hi I don't use star nails myself but have just googled it for you, it seems to be a buff off type so you could sit there all night with tip remover and get no where, lol. sorry xx have you got files etc to take them down yourself? If not you mihgt be better off going to a salon. Were...
  16. K

    How do I remove my nails?

    Are they definately soak off gel? Maybe they used the buff off type gel? Do you know what brand it was?
  17. K

    NSI Glaze n Go

    Hi Andrea, I've use NSI too and was just wondering, do you you Glaze and Go because it's quicker than finish clear to apply? I find finish clear is mega shiney but it is quite thin so I have to freeze cure between fingers to prevent it running.
  18. K

    Cuticle remover?

    Hi, I've yet to find a really effective cuticle remover... what is cnd?
  19. K

    Aftercare with Gel Toes

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I wanna try them on myself an was just wondering if it was necessary. I use NSI Nurture Oil so will give it a go at the weekend :)