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  1. Miss_Redd

    The most hydrating, moisturising Radio Frequency gel?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a very hydrating, moisturising Radio Frequency gel? I have the Aloe Vera gel for basic, all skin-types RF treatments, but wondered if anyone can suggest something more hydrating. Thanks!!
  2. Miss_Redd

    Want to share your logo?

    Hi all, I went searching for an existing "Show us your Logo" thread, but didn't find anything new. I wondered if you might want to share your Logo? I just completed and copyrighted mine and I think it makes things that much more real for the Skincare/Make-up studio I will be opening! I would...
  3. Miss_Redd

    Large lighted vanity mirrors-why can't they be found!?

    Hi all, I feel I have been running amuck with trying to find where in the world large vanity mirrors can be found. Where did you find yours and do you love them? I've done every search I can think of and I have only found a few on eBay (really badly done!). I want a mirror that will have...
  4. Miss_Redd

    My room is naked-ideas for filling it in for max appeal and functionality?

    Hi all, This will also a be a "Share your room" post. As stated in other posts, I am opening up my home facial/make-up studio in the next couple months. I've just had the decorator visit and I've got my blank canvas ready to do. The non-patterned walls are actually a silver threaded type...
  5. Miss_Redd

    Opening home studio for facials and make-up-focus on the 40 plus woman

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for all who take the time to read most post. I really appreciate it! I'm opening a home studio for facials and make-up, with a focus on the 40 plus woman. Of course I will serve all, but would really like to specialise in the mature crowd. I've a million and a half...