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  1. p_hoarau

    So mad at hubby (he broke the jar)

    hi guys..... im soooo pissed at my hubby, cant beleived he broke my skinmate ozone steamer jar.... i was gonna steam me face today but cant coz he bloody broke it..... do any of u know any company that sell it cheap.... i know theres loads of suppliers but looking at the price cheapest 1 is £28...
  2. p_hoarau

    Esthetix Vario System

    holla ladies, im looking for review on Esthetix Vario System but cant find any, do any of you have the machine? is it good any bad feedback about it, please give me ur opinion. thxsssssss:D
  3. p_hoarau

    body piercing courses in reading

    hi guys ive looked everywhere but couldnt find it,can any1 help me find some1 that do body piercing courses, specially belly piercing. thxs :D
  4. p_hoarau

    Eyelash extension courses in workingham,Berkshire

    hi, ladiesssss.. im looking for a courses in eyelash extension but cant find any around me, so any1 knows a good company near me coz i live in Arborfield and looking to extend me treatment by doing eyelash extension,any1 can tell me any company near me that offer training in eyelash...
  5. p_hoarau

    OMG Katie Price and Peter Andre split

    just cant beilive it Katie Price and Peter Andre split | TV Blog - Yahoo! TV UK
  6. p_hoarau

    Looking for relaxer wholesaler

    hi, im about to open a salon in my country in the "seychelles" next year, and i would like to know if any of you guys knows any suppliers for hair product im not a hairdresser im a beauty therapist, im gonna have someone who gonna work in the salon and im trying to get everthing sorting so i...
  7. p_hoarau

    beauty suppliers in manchester

    hi everyone, im going to manchester this weekend so im looking for beauty supplier in manchester, anyone knows any good supplier/s in machester? thanks
  8. p_hoarau

    beauty supplier in manchester

    hi everyone, im going to manchester this weekend so im looking for beauty supplier in manchester, anyone knows any good supplier/s in machester? thanks
  9. p_hoarau

    training for spray tan in cambridge

    hi, im desperate for someone in tantrick to traine me for spray tan but cant get it, is there anyone u know the nearest to cambridge for training? asap pls thanks
  10. p_hoarau

    Tantrick training in cambridge

    hi geeks, im looking for someone to traine me for tantrick spray tan, anyone know someone?
  11. p_hoarau

    this method of waxing

    hi everyone, have u seen this method of waxing, how many of you do it in salon, is it good waxing to do. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  12. p_hoarau

    Would you recommend acrylic/popits on this nail?

    hi geeks, just have look at this nail, what do u think?have u ever had a client coming to you asking to do there nails? whats ur advice to them YouTube - Fingernails On Right Hand
  13. p_hoarau

    Popits on a nail biter

    hi geeks just want to ask would it worth to do popits on nail bitter, would it have enough support on the nail bitter to put popits on? so any advice, would you recommend popits for people that have quite good bed plates. thanks Presh
  14. p_hoarau

    Best spray tan solution

    hi geeks just want to know what's your best spray tan solution when using on client, and also there brand name please, im doing some research for best solution so in 1 or 2 months time im gonna start doing spray tan, so girls need you advice there, thanks:) Presh
  15. p_hoarau

    Espiral Triple nails

    what u think girls? YouTube - Espiral Triple - 1st Part YouTube - Espiral Triple - 2nd Part YouTube - Espiral Triple - 3rd Part
  16. p_hoarau

    Video of PopIts Dual System Form French Nails

    geeks have a look at this? what u thing is it better with tips or powder? YouTube - Dual System Form French Nails
  17. p_hoarau

    offers list at excel 2008

    hi, all ive been trying to search on professionalbeauty website for offer at the show but couldnt find it at all, where can i find the list of offers that they will do at excel, im thinking of buying a compressor for fake tan so i was thinking to wait and buy one at excel. any website i can...
  18. p_hoarau

    Tanning courses in cambridgshire

    hi all I want to do a course in tanning and need your help geeks, im in cambridge but dont know where to go, does anyone know where about in cambridge or in cambridgeshire i can do a course? that would be so grateful. thanks Presh
  19. p_hoarau

    charging for eye glitter make up

    hi geeks just want ur opinion about the eye glitters, i went in excel this year when i saw it, do any geeks do it in salon how much does it cost? or u do it when applyin make up on client. last time i had it on my eye lid and some client love it and they were askin how much does it cost, so...
  20. p_hoarau

    have a shower at nite or morning which is good 4 skin

    hi, geeks i know its a silly question, but just wanna ask, when someone have a shower every morning is it good for the skin or better at night when going to sleep so u know ur skin is fresh and clean before go to bed i know its a bit silly to ask this question but i was just wondering, u may...