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    Nail certificate replacement

    Hi all, I need some advice on how to obtain a replacement certificate for my nail tech qualification, the issue that I have is that I qualified nearly 11-12 years ago. I completed a CND course at the city of Bristol college. I cant remember who the training body was, I want to say vtct but not...
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    ready to work

    hiya guys:green: i about to complete my nvq2 in beauty therapy. i feel quite confident with my skills and would really love to rent a room and work for myself. i have hunted high and low for a job in a salon and can find nothing unless i have a level 3 ( i am enrolled to start this in sept). i...
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    Tantricks samples

    hi just wondered if anyone knows where i can get some samples of tantricks tanning solution.:lol: i have heard loads of great stuff about this product and would love to try it. been thinking of changing my solution for a while and have tried a few others but still not really sure who to go...
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    want to train in gel nails

    hello everyone:) just thought id get some advice. im a qualified beautician and acrylic nail tech but am interested in training in gel nails:rolleyes:. ive been looking on the internet at training courses and kits and just wondered if any of you have any recommendations as to who to use. i...
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    high lift tint

    hi,:green: just a quick question. can anyone tell me which of the goldwell tints is the high lift tint, is it the one they call blonding creme or is it one from the 11 series, i cant remember.:rolleyes::confused: thanks xx
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    Air Bubbles

    hi there:lol: just wondered if anyone can help and give me some advise as to why i might be getting small air bubbles in my acrylic ( they are only noticeable once i have finished filing and buffing) i can kind of remember my tutor saying something about getting air bubbles in the acrylic but...
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    level 3 after level 2 ???????

    hi there,:confused: i am working towards my nvq2 in beauty therapy and am really enjoying it. The thing is i am wondering weather it is worth doing the level 3 once i have completed the level 2. i have noticed that lots of salons prefer you to have a level 3 qualification, so i do not want...
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    nail dieases homework!!!!!

    hi there please can anyone help!!!:confused: just trying to do some homework about naildieases and we have to find the cause and then describe some nail conditions and then add a picture of that spacific diease, i have managed to do most of it but am stuck on a couple.:confused: i cant...
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    which tanning solution ????

    hi there, can somebody please give me some advise, i have been using the solglo solution when doing spray tanning and recently i have found a change in the solution (before the packaging relaunch). when i have used it previously i have given my clients a lovely colour that they can see...