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    Individual lash glue

    I’ve been using this one from Salon Services. But sometimes find the lashes fall out quickly. Any other recommendations for a long lasting hold?
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    LVL glue

    I have been using the glue from Eyeluv Lashes which i love, but i’m finding it a little expensive and replacing so often! Any other recommendations for a nice, easy to work with glue for lash lifting?
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    Brow tinting going purple

    Hi all What brand of tint do you use? I use these ones (photo attached) from Sally’s. I have noticed though whenever i do brow tinting, i usually use brown and add a blob of black if client is not wanting a warm tone, that when i wipe it off it comes out quite purpley looking! More like the...
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    Russian, 3D or classic extension

    Hi i have recently trained in classic individual lashes but was wandering could i just buy Russian, 3D, 4D etc and use the same way? I want to offer these for clients who like the fuller look. Also to help speed up time when doing them maybe. Any suggestions/advice would be fab thanks.
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    Individual lash newbie - stressed!

    Just qualified last week & have only done a couple of clients to practice on. I know practice makes perfect but i just cannot get to grips with lashes sticking together!!! First client the glue seemed to stick to the pad underneath, second client the pad slipped down and i glued her bottom...
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    Heat protector spray

    Been using Matrix heat protector but is making my hair (personal use) stiff & not soft at all! What are the best heat protector sprays around please?
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    Colour shrinking on free edge

    Hi all. Been having this problem for a long time now, only happens with certain colours but when the nails come out the lamp the free edge has shrunk leaving it a white tip. I’ve done all prep properly, cured for long enough & shaken the bottle, please help its driving me mad!
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    Your most popular Gelish colours?

    Hi all. I can never chose which gelish colours to buy & end up buying loads & half of them don’t get used! Whats your most popular colours? I have quite a few clients who like the ‘subtle’ look also. Thanks!
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    Lash lifting products

    Hi all. What brand do you use for lash lifting? I’ve been using the Eyeluvlashes which gives you sachets of lift lotion & fix lotion (salon system). I recently switched to the small bottled ones (same company) but since ive been using it my lifts are just rubbish!! Where do you order your...
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    Eyeshadow nightmare please help!

    Hi all. I'm finding it really hard to find really pigmented eyeshadows that actually last. I am trained in Airbase make up but am reluctant to buy their shadows as i've tried so many that don't last. Can anyone recommend any that will last all day, not smudge, crease or fade that wont cost the...
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    All new lash lifting

    I’ve heard all good things about this new ‘Keratin Lash Lift’ which replaces the old perming. I have heard it’s amazing and lasts really well and that they also tint your lashes. I have been reading the relevant posts on here and see people have done lots of training. Do you have to do this...
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    Flare eyelashes!

    Hi all. Flare eyelashes... I always seem to get some complaints that they have fallen off or this or that etc. i use Ardell glue from Sallys & explain they are NOT semi permanent lashes and will only last up to a week/2. Please can you all let me know what glues and procedures you use please...
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    Angry client over flare eyelashes

    Hi all, did a set of flare eyelashes using the Ardell adhesive glue from sallys. I did them last friday. The client has messaged me today saying they are swollen and ranting and raving about it slating me on fb as i didnt do a patch test. I didnt know a patch test was needed with this glue for...
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    Nail art stickers

    Help! Bought some lovely little christmas nail art stickers from ebay, will they stick? NO! Really need some help, where to people buy theirs from? I have tried everything to make them stick but wont work! Thanks all!
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    Sienna X?

    I usualy buy the Sienna X original solution in 8 and 10% from beauty express. I find it is the cheapest. However they have decided to discountinue it. Where do you get yours from? Cheapest places? Thanks! Xx
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    Hey everyone. I am working from home 1 day a week atm while i build my clients up. Where do all u mobile therapists get ur insurence done to? I want to be insured properly but nothing too expensive as BABTAC is around £89 :/ Thank you xx
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    Clients & reflexology!

    Hi eveyone! I am leaving my job in the salon on saturday to go mobile/from Home! I was wandering if u have any tips of gaining clients? Iv made business cards, price lists, fb page and a car magnet. Also was wandering how much do u all charge for reflexology and how long for? I am nearly...