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  1. Delisnails


    Due to arthritis I am unable to do nails and beauty anymore, what would be the best way to advertise my things to get the best money. This is a genuine reason for selling, and I am gutted that I can not carry on as are my clients but it is just one of them things. I did think of contacting...
  2. Delisnails

    brisa coloured gel

    Hi I may come across as sounding stupid but I need some help. I am trained in both gel and Liquid and Powder, I have been doing nails for a few years and do mainly liquid and powder as its the first thing I trained in and I am comfortable with it. I never came to grips with the gel but I do...
  3. Delisnails

    Buying A Salon In The Usa

    Hi Hope everyone is well, not been on for a while as been busy with family and nails also training doing NVQ level 2 in beauty. Family are planning on moving to Florida in around 12 to 18 months on a E2 visa, my hubby said he would buy me a salon out there. Can anyone from florida advise...
  4. Delisnails

    The Great North Run half marathon

    Hi I Know I dont get much chance to geek anymore, looking after two toddlers and doing nails. But I wondered if any other geeks were doing the great north run, as would love to swap progress and even meet up on the day. I have only every run the race for life, and am a little over weight...
  5. Delisnails

    cutting natural nail behind enhancement

    Hi I have gained a new client at work and she commented that where she used to go they would cut off her natural nail when it started lifting beind the enhancement and pull it off with tweezers. I told her I had never heard of this and that when your nails grow up I would just carry on...
  6. Delisnails

    what make up kit is best

    Hi I am at present doing my NVQ Level 2 in Beauty Therapy and we need to get a make up kit. I already work in a shop doing nails so I want something that I can use professionally and sell products from not just for practise at college. can anyone help me please
  7. Delisnails

    creative uniform

    When I qualified I received a black creative tabbard and trousers, I absolutely love it and decided I would like a white one, the black one is nearly worn out from washing. Anyway I rang them today and they have told me that they do not do them anymore, I am horrified, anyone any idea where I...
  8. Delisnails

    help finding brother in south africa

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I have a brother who has lived in south africa for over 20 years. As often happens with our busy lives we have lost touch but my dad wants to try and get in touch with him and I dont know where to start. We have not heard from him for 4 years, which is...
  9. Delisnails

    premium geek

  10. Delisnails

    Thank You

  11. Delisnails

    Smell of the liquid causing problems

  12. Delisnails

    Latest Custom Blend On Nail Biter

    Hi When one of my clients booked in a friend to have her nails done for her wedding, I was not able to inspect the nails beforehand I was just told that she used to bite her nails but she had stopped. Was quite nervous before she arrived so when she turned up I checked them out and due to...
  13. Delisnails

    lipotrim diet update

    Hi Here is an update on mine and my hubbys progress on the above diet, which is like the cambridge diet. It has been a very hard week, more so for no alcohol than no food, anyway we went to our weight in on Wednesday and in our first week I have lost 9lb which I though was really good, my...
  14. Delisnails

    Has Anyone Tried Lipotrim

    I am a few stone overwieght but my hubby is about 6 or 7 and we have been told about lipotrim that you get from your pharmacy, its shakes only and it is based on the cambridge diet. We are thinking of starting it next week but wondered if anyone else had tried it and what they thought. Any...
  15. Delisnails

    setting up a tutorial

    Can anyone let me now how to put photos between paragraphs when doing a tutorial, if you just upload them they all end up in a line at the end of the text. As fellow geeks have asked I am doing a tutorial on my sunflowers but can not see how I can put a photo to show what I am explaining in...
  16. Delisnails

    Natural looking enhancements - critique please

    Hi As mentioned I had a client who wanted some natural looking enhancements, I had a go on myself, then did hers, her nails were ok so did a natural/soft white mix for the tip and perfect pink for zones 2 and 3, these are sculpts. what do you think, she absolutely loved them
  17. Delisnails

    clients hand painted sunflowers

    Well she went for the handpainted ones, it took me an hour to do the nail art part which was quite long but here is a picture and there are a couple more in my gallery
  18. Delisnails

    Please critique my nail art

    Hi I have a client who loves nail art, she is due a rebalance on Wednesday and wants something for her holidays she doesnt know what but sunshine colours, I have done a couple of designs of sunflowers, one is freehand painted with acrylic paint and the other is a 3d sunflower using l & p...
  19. Delisnails

    Does adding glitter to l & p weaken the enhancement

    Just a quicky, but I was wondering if adding glitter to your powder would weaken the enhancement, does anyone know
  20. Delisnails

    client who has had mma products for 3 years!!!

    I had a lovely client last night for a set of sculpts, she had phone the week before for an appointment asking for a full set of enhancements but requiring them to be thin, I said I would sculpt them as this way there is no tip so not only are they thinner but they are stronger too. She said...