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    Gelish layering combos

    Hi all, I’ve found old posts of layering combos but I can’t seem to find any with any of their latest colours. Please can you all comment with your favourite colour combos. Thank you xx
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    hi, I'm interested in doing the training for Fibroblast. Have any of you got any information on this treatment? Would love to hear everyone's opinions on it x
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    Facebook advice

    Hi guys, so I'm opening up a second salon & i'm just wondering whether or not we keep the same facebook page for both salons? Both salons are within same city but about 9 miles away from each other. My first thought was to use the one FB page but my 2nd thought was that clients may get...
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    Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone was experiencing any problems with Gelish colours chipping & peeling? I've been using Gelish for over 4 years now & never had any problems,s. All of a sudden I'm getting nail repair after nail repair. They chip & peel. I've noticed that the colours are...
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    A-Lift & Dermatude

    Do any of you do these treatments & what are your thoughts on it? I've seen lots of good reports on the A-Lift but can't find very much info on the Dermatude. x
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    Lets Go Lashes

    Hi, I've seen a couple of posts about Lets Go Lashes but nothing recently. So was just wondering if anyone is having success with these lately as I'm trying to weigh up whether it's going to pay off if we do our training for them. I do find that people go for brands especially when they...
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    Salon Software

    Can anyone recommend a salon software package that i can take online bookings & access my diary from home & be able to make appointments which will then update automatically on the Salon diary. I'm using Unisalons at the moment which are great but I can't access my diary without bringing the...
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    Lets Go - Lashes

    Has anyone done Nouveau's Lets Go lashes course? I've read their website and seems to be everything that most of us Lash Technicians have already covered. Just wondered if it was worth doing or not? Thanks
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    Skin scanners

    Hi guys, just wondering if any of you use a skin scanner? If so are they worth purchasing & how much are they? Was thinking it might help us in promoting facials & our products. Tried Skinlogic but their website is under construction!! Thanks Kat x
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    Camouflage Makeup

    Hi can anyone help me, I'm getting married in 6 weeks eeek!! I have a tattoo that i'd like covering. Can anyone recommend anyone in West Yorkshire who does Camouflage makeup or recommend a good brand to use myself?? thanks x
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    Receptionist/Beautician Required Required to join a new salon based in Garforth (Leeds) Ideally you will have a beauty background & interested in taking your training further. Will consider college students who are training in beauty. For more information on this position please call...
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    Self Employed Nail Technician

    Self Employed Nail Technician required must be fully qualified, insured and be able to work as part of a team. You would need to bring your own clientelle or be prepared to work at building a new one. Hours & rent are to be agreed. For further information please feel free to contact me...
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    Male Intimate Waxing

    Hi guys so I'm now looking into Intimate waxing for both Men & Women hopefully train with Kim when I can get hold of her, just missed her call this morning, typical! Would just like to ask you salon owners for your advice: Are you finding that it's a popular treatment in your salon with...
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    Salon Name

    Hi, I know there's lots of threads on here re salon names. I've looked through them and still no inspiration and also a lot of salons are doing everything where I'm going to be specialising in certain areas. We will be doing hair, nails, eyelash extensions, LVL Lashes, manicures/pedicures...
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    Mens Intimate Waxing

    Hi, do any of you know if there is any male waxing courses in West Yorkshire?
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    Soprano Laser??

    Hi, I'm looking into doing hair removal and was hoping that someone could give me some advice on any machines that you're using? and if anyone has heard of the Soprano? Apparently it is pain free. A couple of people have said that it's not as effective as the IPL machines. So i'd be...
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    Hair Extensions

    Hi I'm really wanting to get hair extensions my hair is thin so wanting it thicker and longer. Can anyone recommend anyone in West Yorkshire that is very good and been doing it a while? I've heard pro's & con's of hair extensions so I want the best. Also I have my hair highlighted would...
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    Semi-Permanent Makeup

    Hi Can anyone help me. I do semi permanent makeup and i've had all the checks with the council health authority department etc... and i'm registered with them as you have to have a base. If i do any other salon work i need to let them know which other salons i go to, again this i've done...
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    Looking for Freelance work

    I'm a qualified Permanent Makeup technician and I use the latest digital system & pharmaceutical grade pigments. I'm working freelance in 2 salons and I'm currently looking for more salons who would like to offer their customers Permanent Makeup. I can supply you with brochures & posters...
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    Bio Assessment

    Hi all I have my assessment booked for July and i just wanted to hear from anyone who's recently taken theirs. I did their training course in Oct last year and only just getting round to doing my assessment. I'm just wondering what they get you to do ie one hand colour and other french etc...