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  1. Trini

    Contaminted Gels

    Good day fellow geekers, I am a Brisa user and was wondering can you contaminte a gel brush or your pot of gel and how you think it can happen.:eek: Thank you in advance. Trini
  2. Trini

    HELP CND Heating up

    Good day fellow geeks I need your help with a problem My clients have been complaining of a burning when I touch the nail i can feel the heat from the nail this is after I apply L&P. It has happened to the last 3 clients I had. One i must say had damage from another salon. The powder is about 6...
  3. Trini

    New avitar

    Hi fellow geeks changed my avatar ,this is my daughter ASHA she's in her Halloween dress. Just wanted u guys to get familiar. Have a great day. Tricia
  4. Trini

    Watch what u say

    To all nail techs PLEASE stop telling clients that one type of enhancement is better for the nail than another. L&P Gels and WRAPS none is better than the other none lets the nail (breathe) or infuses the natural nail plate with ingredients that makes it grow faster or (better).Nail damage...
  5. Trini


    Good Morining Geeks My boss had her nail done with slik wraps about 3 weeks ago in the USA while she was on a bussiness trip,now she needs a fill but i have no resin. I do have brisa gels and gel bond also an over the counter5 sec. nail glue and silk wrap can i use the silk with gels or gelbound...
  6. Trini

    Brisa Gel Breakage

    I just did my Brisa course 2 1/2 weeks ago while i was on vaction. I have been praticeing on friends and been haveing a few brakeage. My queston is this should the finished nail be as thick as L&P or can it be less thin. they are braking at the tip and the corners. Tricia:rolleyes:
  7. Trini

    In the flesh

    I figured since I've seen the faces of most of you all I've decided to put up the only picture I have of myself. This is me and my friend on our trip in Puerto Rico. I'm the one to the left dress in the grey shirt and brown carpi. --------- Tricia
  8. Trini

    Happy Mother's Day

  9. Trini

    Pricing Information

    Hi to all you geeks and hope u all having a very good day .I need to find out if when giving an enhansment service do you always give a manicure first or just the enhansment the customer ask for and, is this included in your pricing cost me about $3.00 for l&p and $2.00 more if i have...
  10. Trini

    I'm back

    Hi everyone i'am back from vacation it was a well need rest. ready to get back to nails nails and more nails. ---------- Tricia
  11. Trini

    Sorry / on vacation

    sorry i didn't get back to you guys on the island situation i am on vacation and enjoying my time off. On my way to Puerto Rico for a couple of days. will be back on line end of month. ---------- Tricia
  12. Trini


    Hi guys, droping a few lines to let you know huricane is heading this way won't talk for a few days. contact you guys as soon as it's over. bye for now. --------- Trini
  13. Trini

    Sad Geek

    Hi geekers, I'm feeling so so so sad my couisn is in the hospital and I can't get through to the hospital to find out any thing.There are rumers that he died I am just very upset . Talking to you all is the only thing I can think of to keep me calm. ----------- Trini
  14. Trini

    New Salon Help

    Hi guys, sorry you have not heard from me in a while. The lines over here was giving trouble I'll log in and then the computer would lock up on me any how. This is the question I need help with . How many types of L&P products you would offer in your salon and Gels,and Polish I know I want to...
  15. Trini


    I am new at this don't now what I am doing hope it is right. I am a Trinidadian born,but live in the British Virgin Islands where I work as a sales clerk; but been doing nails part time for more than 4years. Need more training love to talk and make friends. Help me to navigate this site so I can...