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    Home salons and mobile skincare

    Good morning ladies and gents. I am currently doing Level 2 Beauty Therapy at my local college and just about to set up my own beauty studio at home. I love facials and skincare very much and I was thinking of going on level 3 in order to offer microdermabrasion, led light therapy etc Would I...
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    Facebook pictures

    Good morning everybody. Just out of curiosity, where do you get all these lovely professional pictures to put on Facebook pages, apart from your own clients? Thank you so much xxxx
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    Using a magnifying glass for nails?

    Good morning all. I am thinking of getting a magnifying glass for doing nails. Unfortunately my eyes are not so good anymore and I need something for close up work. Anyone with the same problem as me? What do you use? I have already been to the optician and got some glasses with extra...
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    Hot oil treatment

    Good morning everybody, for those of you that offer hot oil treatment what are the best oils to use? and where do you buy them from? thank you very much xx
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    One day course and Eve Taylor?

    Good morning everyone. I have got level 2 nail technology and I would like to introduce facials. I got in touch with Eve Taylor couple of times to find out if I would be able to open an account with them. They are not giving me a straight answer apart from filling the forms on the website. So I...
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    Torn between The Gel Bottle and INK London

    So, I love BIAB because it is a soak off gel and is so strong!!! But I also love the range of colours that INK London do so much more than the gel bottle. I know it is not good practice to mix brand. What to do? xxx
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    The smell of acrylics makes me hungry!

    Hi everybody, I really need to ask this! Does anybody feel hungry when using acrylics? Every time I use acrylics I feel my stomach grumbling so much and feel so hungry !!! I am only practising on my hand trainer, my friend and daughter but it could be quite embarrassing if I had a client. It...
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    Prom dress

    Good Evening ladies, I am looking for a two pieces prom dress for my daughter for her prom next month. I saw a nice one from a window shop on Monday, the only problem is that there were so manybig flies inside the shop flying on the dresses and dead ones by the mannequins too!!! The thought...
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    I am a bit upset

    Hi Geeks, I have moved to Bournemouth almost 15 months ago from London. Unfortunately I haven't been able to build my clients at all. My daughter of 13 had been suffering from depression and was cutting herself because bullying and family problems with her auntie , my son found the move...
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    Picture has my favourite blonde but

    Hi there, Can I ask you why every time I show a picture of my friend that has my favourite blonde to hairdressers I keep getting a different answer? I can't upload this picture at the moment . Some say its beige blonde others ash blonde others say cream blonde etc etc. why do I get so...
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    very light ash blonde highlights ?

    Hi there, I have already some gold highlights and I am thinking of putting very light ash blonde? I am a 6. what do you think. is it actually a Grey blonde or is it almost white? I don't want to look old? thank you
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    Apprenticeship at 40 yrs old?

    Hi there, What do you think of someone starting in hairdressing at 40? Thank you so much!!!! :o
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    Reflexology still popular?

    Hi. what you think of reflexology. Is it still popular? thank you:!:
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    Is there an Italian lady here married to English man?

    Hi. I am Italian and I am resident and lived here for the past 20yrs. I got married last month. My problem is that in Italy you don't take the husband surname. I want to change my surname now. I have changed my surname with the bank, my driving licence just by showing my marriage certificate...
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    Lord & Berry make-up

    Hi Has anyone tried their foundation? Are they good? thank you
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    I am getting married. Hair question

    Hello . I am getting married in September !!!!!! after 19 years and three lovely children. I am soooooooooooooo happy. Anyway I am thinking of putting some extention or hair pieces in. What do I do first? Shall I darken my hair first and buy hair extention to match or buy the hair extention...
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    I love waxing and I would like to specialise

    Hi there, I have a question to ask : I have been doing spray tanning and makeup for a while . Last May I took a day course in wax just to have a taste of it. I have now decided that I would love to specialise in waxing. I have a big room at home so I could start a home based salon. I...
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    Celebrity nail technician?

    Hello, Here goes my silly questions : Make up artists and hairdressers for celebrities seem to get attention and they are well known, they all have websites etc etc. they make videos etc etc But what about nail technician that work on big celebrities ???? How do they get to...
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    Luxury preparation spray tan?

    hello there, I have been thinking: I would like to add somehting extra in spray tanning. Maybe a luxury exfoliation for the body and some paraffin treatment for feet and hands the day before??? My hubby says I am mad. Why do you want to do that? What do you think ? Is he...
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    Training in hair at the age of 39?

    Good evening. I have been thinking of doing hair and go mobile. The problem is I am 39!!! What do you think? I have no idea what thr training is like so I need an honest opinion. WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR :)