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    Painting bows on nails?

    Hi can anyone tell me if they frin it easier to paint bows on with a brush or using a dotting tool. Never done them and a client wants them so have to start practicing asap x
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    NSI gels and LED lamp

    Does anyone know if I can cure these gels with a LED lamp instead of a UV lamp. Thanks x
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    Gellux Training - Derbyshire

    Does anyone know where the closest Gellux training is to Derby. I have been looking on the internet but there doesn't seem to be anywhere too close to me.
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    Gellux removal?

    Ok so I am looking into Gellux and have trawled through the threads for reviews. My wholesaler tells me that it selling really well but one of my concerns is the amount of people saying that it is hard to remove. Has anyone had any positive outcomes or is it always really time consuming. Thank...
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    Have Milenium tips changed!!

    I have been using millenium tips for years now but on my last order (from the wholesalers) the tips seemed different sizes, thickness etc. Just different altogehter. Has anyone else noticed this??
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    Which brush now?

    I have been using a Odyssey brush for the past five years. Always bought a couple at a time but now can't find an Odyssey supplier in the UK. I was using a number 8. Has anyone else swapped brushes and if so what do use now? Thanx :)
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    Hi there all. haven't posted for a while but am still doing nails and loving it. However, I have got tendonitis in my right hand it is sooooo painful. I was on tablets but am now wearing a magnet bracelet which seems to be helping. Has anyone else ever had this and what did they do? :)
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    Odyssey contact details

    I used to use Odyssey when Grafton where distributing. I have swapped on to NSI which I love but I do like my odyssey brush. Bought a few and am now down to last two. I read Scratch and see that Odyssey UK has been taken over but I can't get through on the number that is printed in there, does...
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    Salons opening close to you

    Hi there all. Has anyone has this problem. Did it affect your business much and did you lose any of your regulars? Not sure but think a new one may be opening near to me.:sad:
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    Nail techs in Derby

    Now I usually do my nails myself but my Mum is getting married in August and feel that I want someone to do my nails for it. It will make me feel pampered for a change. So are there any techs in Derby cause I really don't know who to go to. Thanks geeks:)
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    Cuccio Range

    Has anyone used any of this range for L & P? Have seen their tips and they look quite nice has anyone use them and if so what were they like. Thanks
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    Exam on Wednesday NVQ

    I have got my NVQ exam on wednesday in Manchester. I am so scared. I haven't done any theory revision in ages and I am sure it is all going to go out of my head. Has anyone already done this and if so is it realy hard?
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    Yellow nails !!!

    I wonder if anyone can help. I have a lady who just has manicures and her nails are yellow. She always wears a base coat and does not use dark colours. I am a little stumped because they are really yellow. Does any one know what this could be? Thanks
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    Have been away a while

    hi there all geeks. I have been away a while I have had a lot on with one thing (including my little boy starting school) and another but I am now back. It is great to see old names but just as good to see that there are quite a few new geeks too. A big hello to all of you. Well I hope that you...
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    Loving NSI Acrylic

    Hi there all haven't been on in a while because I have been really busy. Anyway as some of you may know I was using Odyssey acrylic and was panicking because I couldn't get hold of it. After much deliberation I have settled on using NSI and I wish I had done it sooner. I am loving it and my...
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    Anybody ever used Ebid?

    I have been told about Ebid. It is similar to Ebay and I was just wondering if anybody has either used it or sold on it and what you thought of it. Any replies wuold be great.:hug:
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    Took children to the fair now no money!!!!

    Well the fair came to town this weekend so I took my little boy and step daughter. They are 4 and 7. I can't believe how much money we got through. The rides were all £2.00 each even hook a tweeny!!! Also they were giving out goldfish I didn't think they could do that anymore. Still the...
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    Wraps done with different materials?

    Not sure it this thread is in the right place but here goes. I was doing one of my ladies who moved here about 6 months ago she has acrylic with me. She was telling me that before she moved she used to have silk nails but the technician used to go to a material shop and buy dress silk by the...
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    IBD Acrylic - Any Good?

    :) As some of you may know I was using Odyssey Acrylic but cannot get hold of it now because Graftn the supplier have discontinued it. They are now supplying IBD and I was wondering who uses it and what it is like. Thanks for any comments.
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    No more Odyssey what do I use HELP

    Hi there fore the past number of years I have been using Odessey Acrylic and my supplier was Grafton International. I phoned on Friday to place an order and they took it then they phoned me today and told me that they have no Odyssey products in stock and they are discontinuing it.:irked: What...