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    Snow & appointments

    Luckily I decided to revamp my shop and salon this week so only had a few regulars booked in. They have all cancelled as the snow is now coming down heavy. Now have the age old question, shall I stay or shall I go!!
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    Painting bows on nails?

    Hi can anyone tell me if they frin it easier to paint bows on with a brush or using a dotting tool. Never done them and a client wants them so have to start practicing asap x
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    NSI gels and LED lamp

    Does anyone know if I can cure these gels with a LED lamp instead of a UV lamp. Thanks x
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    Gellux problems

    I use gellux and I really wouldn't have thought that it is this making their nails split.
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    Anyone else quiet, or is it just me?

    I am quiet to. Hate it, had a no show first thing why won't they at least text to cancel. Makes me so mad, let's hope we all get busy soon
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    Gellux Training - Derbyshire

    Does anyone know where the closest Gellux training is to Derby. I have been looking on the internet but there doesn't seem to be anywhere too close to me.
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    Calling all NSI users

    I agree wil you all NSi is a fab product and the team themselves are really helpfull. Love Attraction.
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    I am sure that this can happen if there is trauma to the nail as well. Did you ask her if she has knocked her nails at all?
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    Gellux removal?

    I actually posted them on their facebook and they said to file the top layer off first. Is it only Salon systems that do the training I have actually bought gellux from my local wholesaler.
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    Gellux removal?

    Thanks for that just worried if I start doing them I will look unproffesional when it comes to remmoving them.
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    Time for change

    I think that is fab. Think I can speak for us all when I say that I gat so fed up of people who have been to NSS salons ad come to me with the old " extensions ruin your nails".
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    Two hours for a full set. Please help?

    You will get quicker with practice. the main thing is that you have produced a great set of nails, they look fab. Just don't try to rush too much and not produce such great work.
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    Gellux removal?

    Ok so I am looking into Gellux and have trawled through the threads for reviews. My wholesaler tells me that it selling really well but one of my concerns is the amount of people saying that it is hard to remove. Has anyone had any positive outcomes or is it always really time consuming. Thank...
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    Natural nail repair

    I agree I use silk everytime.
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    Have Milenium tips changed!!

    This is what Ican't understand. ith the white tips it is the same as you just number 7's. With the natural tips it is the number 5's. Glad I'm not going mad!! Hope that they all aren't going to change. I don't like the new shape at all.
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    Have Milenium tips changed!!

    I have been using millenium tips for years now but on my last order (from the wholesalers) the tips seemed different sizes, thickness etc. Just different altogehter. Has anyone else noticed this??
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    Gel Vs Acrylic

    I actually prefer acrylic but it is personal prefernce. what I do get fed up with is pepole coming in saying they want gel nails because acylic ruin your nails!! I try to explain about the tech who does them, taking them off correctly etc but sometimes feel like I am banging my head against a...
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    The dam cheek of the woman!!!

    Take no notice she sounds like she is a client you wouldn't want anyway. We have all experienced these types but don't let them get you down. You know you are good so just believe in yourself xx:)
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    Which brush now?

    I have been using a Odyssey brush for the past five years. Always bought a couple at a time but now can't find an Odyssey supplier in the UK. I was using a number 8. Has anyone else swapped brushes and if so what do use now? Thanx :)
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    Hi there all. haven't posted for a while but am still doing nails and loving it. However, I have got tendonitis in my right hand it is sooooo painful. I was on tablets but am now wearing a magnet bracelet which seems to be helping. Has anyone else ever had this and what did they do? :)