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  1. Barbie girl

    Need a brush to give a crisp smile line

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone one of you can recommend a brush to give a crisp smile line? I use Akzentz POW and manage to get the smile smily but not as crisp as I would like! What do you use Angie cause I know you are a Akzentz user? Many thanks
  2. Barbie girl

    Advice on client's skin

    Hi, I have a client who is getting married in a month and she has a problem with her skin. It looks like a hive rash, small red spots all over body but is not really itchy. She has had all sorts of treatment to get rid but its been no use, she has even had allergy tests but still no good. I'm...
  3. Barbie girl

    Really small rhinestones?

    Hi all, I got some really small rhinestones a while back and they are very popular with my clients, trouble is I've run out of the crystal ones and I can't remember where I got them from!!:confused: Anyone got any ideas where i can get some from please? Many thanks!
  4. Barbie girl

    Eggpot waxing -help!!

    Hiya, I took delivery of my eggpot waxing system which uses the tubes with a dispenser which you can replace with every client and heat up 3 tubes at a time. I used it for the first time today and really struggled!! I used to use the roller wax from salon system but had alot of wastage so I...
  5. Barbie girl

    Toe nail extensions

    Hi, I have had a request to do some toe nail extensions as my client is a toe nail biter and I really don't know where to go with this one, can anyone help please? she needs to extend the length of the nail but I don't know where I can purchase them from as my normal tips would be too big...
  6. Barbie girl

    Crystal clear skincare range

    I'm so excited I've ordered my crystal clear skincare range today, anyone used it? How do you rate? Thanks
  7. Barbie girl

    Tooth ache

    Ouch I've got really bed toothache and I cant get to see my dentist till tomorrow morning and its so painful. I've taken nurofen but its still killing me. Anyone got any ideas how I can relieve the pain please:cry: :cry: :cry: Ouch:sad: :sad:
  8. Barbie girl

    Fitnails work station

    Hi, Just looking through my new beauty book from beauty express and have stumbled across a fitnails work station that cures, extracts dust, drys, has a arm rest and finger bowls. Sounds fab as it is all-in-one but quite pricey. I would like to invest in one but was just wondering if anyone...
  9. Barbie girl

    Fluffly moment

    Just thought I would share my thoughts with you, I was driving back from a clients house and thought to myself how lucky I am. I have a fantastic job, I create stunning nails and make people look and feel beautiful. 2 beautiful kids and a wonderful hubby and I have a great client base of which...
  10. Barbie girl

    Gel shrinkage

    I am having a problem with gel shrinkage on the final top coat gloss, especially when i gloss over nail polish. I wrap the gel on the edge and underside of the nail but it still seems to shrink. Please help, thanks
  11. Barbie girl

    Would you enhance?

    I had a call from a lady who wants a set of nails doing, she stated that she had a set on from a nss and they had ruined her nails and needed them taking off and a new set on. I went this morning and TBH I don't know quite what to do. I removed the nails and was left with the majority of...
  12. Barbie girl

    Nail art storage for mobiles

    How do you mobiles store your nail art? I am after something that has lots of little compartments which is of reasonable size. What do you use, any useful ideas that i could use please?
  13. Barbie girl

    Overspray problem

    Sorry to ask another tanning question but Ive just done a natrasun dark and envious tan and there was loads of overspray which was a little uncomfortable for client and myself. I havent been using this solution long and don't know whether I'm doing something wrong or is it my compressor ...
  14. Barbie girl

    Why does it hurt more on the left?

    Just wondering why when you wax eyebrows they always hurt more on the left eyebrow and seem to grow more? Strange I know but thought I'd ask the question!!:?:
  15. Barbie girl

    Prickly heat

    Anyone got any tips or solutions to prickly heat? I have a client who is getting married in mexico soon and she suffers really bad. I'm sure ive read there is a tablet that can be prescribed but I cant remember what it was called. Can anyone help please?
  16. Barbie girl

    Tips or forms - whats best

    Hi. Being a newbie geek I have spent my last few evenings reading the past threads and not even lifting my head from the laptop to watch desperate housewives! Anyway to the point I'm trying to make, I am in absolute awe of anyone who can sculpt as I have only used tips and find your skills...
  17. Barbie girl

    Looking to change spray tanning solution

    Hi, I'm looking to change my tanning solution. I have been using totally tan but changed to natrasun as i wasnt happy with the results - not v dark. I then invested in natrasun but again not v dark - could it be my compressor or is the solution not good? Got any suggestions of which solution...
  18. Barbie girl

    New gel please

    Hi ive joined today and I need some help please!! :lol: I have been using star nails gel and nsi light fantastic gel and I'm bored and in need of a change. Thing is there are so many systems on the market I'm not sure which to choose, is there anyone who can suggest please?? Thanks Barbie x