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    Threading in Oxford / Witney

    Hi I'm desperate to find anywhere that does threading in the Oxford / Witney area. Can anyone help please? Thanks x
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    Aftercare with Gel Toes

    Hi With gel on toes, do you have to use oil regularly just as you would on fingers with gel applied?
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    Tips not adhering to nail all the time

    Hi Does it matter what glue you use for tips? I mean as in what brand (not asking if superglue ok?, lol) I've only used NSI until now but have had trouble getting the tips to stick sometimes. I've read on other posts about gel glues? Are they better for flat nails for example? Hope...
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    Is it ok to apply enhancements to really thin nails?

    Is it ok to apply use enhancement when the natural nails are so thin? Kimberley
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    Which are the best NSI Forms?

    Hi I've just started trying to use forms rather than just tips for my gel nails. I use the NSI Balance Gel system. With the kit I bought you get clear forms which I've found quite difficult to use. In the DVD they provide I notice that they use the silver ones. On their website there are...
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    How do you infill if you've used white tips?

    Hi I'm fairly new to this. I was wondering how you go about infilling a client who has gel nails with white tips. Do you just file the tip down in length and add a new smile line using gel?