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  1. mdnaples

    Opening a Nail Salon in USA

    Hi All I'm new to the Biz forum and since Salon Geek attracts professionals and newbies from all over the world, hopefully someone can help me here? I am looking to open a Nail Salon in USA and wondered if there were any USA salon owners on here that can give me adivce on what it takes to...
  2. mdnaples

    Pedicures ...what's your fave?

    Hello Nail Geeks There is a lot on here mostly about finger nails not a lot of pics on feet is one my fav pedicures. It would be lovely to see anyone else that wants to share thier fav pedi's
  3. mdnaples

    Mother of the Bride Nails

    Hello Again Fellow Nail Geeks :) I am soon to be "Mother of the Bride" and im looking for ideas as to what i shall apply to my nails for my daughters special day :) I know it has a lot to do with my style and personality and what I shall be wearing. to give you an idea I will be wearing a...
  4. mdnaples

    Gelish Structure gel & Entity

    Hi Nail Geeks I trained as a nail specialist in USA last year and loved the course. It covered mani...pedi...nail enhancements using Gel and L&P...ofourse we had to take the HIV course and a lot of theory but it was brilliant :) I missed the classes when they stopped, everyone was so...
  5. mdnaples

    I need a lilac Gelish...what's best one ?

    Hi All I have a collection of Gelish which i love :) I am planning on buying more to add to my collection and need some help as to what the true colors are for the ones i listed below: It's a Lily - is this a lilac color ? Princess Tiara - is this a light lilac color or is it blue ? I...
  6. mdnaples

    Client Consultation Forms

    Hi Everyone :) I am looking for a Client Consultation Form i can use for my biz maybe they are called something else but basically i need a form that will give me the important info on the individual client and what's allowed under the data protection act ? Anyone got ideas where i can get...
  7. mdnaples

    CND acrylic powder

    Hi Peeps :) Quick question .... Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Sheer & Clear CND acrylic powder ? Is one more clearer in finish than the other ? I have natural sheer but have not opened it yet but before i do i wonder if it gives the same results as the clear ? Thanks in...
  8. mdnaples

    Newly qualified going self employed ?

    Hello Peeps! I am finally a qualified Nail Tech and just waiting on my license for the State of Florida :) I passed all my tests with the lowest score being 97% pass and the state test i got 99% pass score so I'm happy to say i made it :) Being qualified doesn't mean I'm an expert by all...
  9. mdnaples

    Dashing Diva with Gelish

    Hello Nail Geeks :) It's been a while since i was on here asking questions although i read the posts, always helpful :) I do have a question today.... I have Dashing Diva and wonder if it can be used with Gelish ? If do i apply it so that i get brilliant results ? I'm looking to...
  10. mdnaples

    layering gelish colors

    Hi everyone :) I'm looking for some help in layering gelish colors...which ones to layer and what colors they turn out ? I have 24 colors in Gelish and trying to build my kit till i have them all :) If anyone can give me some tips on which colors to layer together and how u layer. I have...
  11. mdnaples

    Enhancements with Gelish or Shellac

    I am not trained in Acylics or Gels yet but researching all i can before i get into doing them. My question is this ..... Can you apply Gelish or Shellac to Acrylic or Gel nails? If you can apply it to enhancements what happens to the Acrylic or Gel enhancements when you remove the Gelish...
  12. mdnaples

    Average cost for renting a nail table in Florida

    Can anyone tell me what the going rate is for renting a nail table in Florida? I know it depends on location and city etc...I'm in Naples and although i am not qualified yet ...I"m thinking ahead ....I will qualify in Oct...i know it takes a while to be experienced but i am planning rent a...
  13. mdnaples

    Waxing courses Florida USA ?

    I am a trainee nail tech in USA but I want to take a waxing course so i can offer different services. I have been in the Beauty Industry( hairdresser ) for over 20 years in UK but here in USA its very different. I wondered if anyone from US gets on here and knows if there are private companies...
  14. mdnaples


    I have searched many suppliers of nail polish and have came up with the decision to use Nubar ....I have never seen such a huge choice in colors before :) I'd love to hear some comments on Nubar from others that have used it or are using it ? Michelle :)
  15. mdnaples

    Which is the best foot spa product & hand product ?

    As a trainee nail tech i want to use products that are going to be with me for a long time. I am particulary interested in spa products and so have found ME! Bath! which i love but have not used them as yet just read about them...I have a footsie bath that i use for pedicures and ME! Bath have...
  16. mdnaples

    Rock Star Nails - Where am I going wrong?

    I don't know what i do that i don't get the real glossy smooth shine with rockstar toes and fingers, where am i going wrong ? This is what i did.... I removed cuticle and buffed nail then i cleansed it to remove dust. I dehydrated, applied gelish structure , cured then added glitter, tidied...
  17. mdnaples

    Keeping products cool

    Since i live in a hot country where temps are anything from 86F to 100F over summer, do you suggest i keep my products in a cooler when travelling to and from clients homes ? nail polish, nail polish remover, my gelish kit etc.. I don't want them to get spoiled with the heat. Inside my car...
  18. mdnaples

    Instructions for removing gel nail enhancements

    Hi Everyone :) I am not a professional nail tech yet, i got a long ways to go but i am on here asking questions and getting great help along the way :) I had my gel nails applied 2 weeks ago, i dont and wont go back to the person that did them since i had a bad experience. They look like they...
  19. mdnaples

    Training rates or not ?

    I start my nail classes June 13th (3 evenings a week for 16 weeks to certification) but right now i have been learning as much as i can about mani and pedi's and have used friends to practice on so far. The thing is i feel confident enough to start applying gelish, Minx, rockstar toes and...
  20. mdnaples

    Spa chairs and footsie spa bath

    I'm looking to get some comments on the footsie spa bath ? I know they have been rated highly for being really hygenic which is what i like. Anyone that has been using a footsie spa bath can you please let me know your thoughts and is there anyone using them in a salon? What do clients say...