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  1. Trini

    Ice Sculpture Nails?

    I think she wants a sculptured nail in clear with ice mylar enbeded. Tricia
  2. Trini

    What is your most asked for treatment

    Nail Enhancement and Spa Pedicure.
  3. Trini

    Acrylic or gel for toes? which do you prefer to do.

    I do both but love the look of gels more I like the shine.I wear only open toe shoes and gel on toes but most clients are l&p with a gel top coat because they wear alot of close shoe and are an there feet a lot (waitress and joggers).I fine the l&p stand up to the pressure better than gel...
  4. Trini

    How much for acrylic nails (hands)?

    This is what I would do to increase business find some one who works in a high trafic area.Bank ,grocery resturant gift shop popular places for your area. Do their nails for free or heavely disconted for the first time with the argreedment that they sell you. Give them your cards wright there...
  5. Trini

    layer of gel before glueing on tip

    Will love to know more please explain application. Thanks much. Trini
  6. Trini

    How much to charge? Mates Rates!!

    Hi there I've seen other threads like this about mates/friend or family I did'nt say anything then but feel I have to now. So here goes I being from the Caribbean and working in a high tourist area have a slight insight into racial,cultural,gender and enviromental diffrences with this said there...
  7. Trini

    I commit a Felony for my Awesome client!

    They look great for a first try.I see what you mean about the free edge a tip for the next time sculpt a thin layer in clear then use a thin layer of clear gel place paper cure then build your nail. ps you can cut you smile in to the paper. Trini:green:
  8. Trini

    How much for acrylic nails (hands)?

    Elaine, Elaine, Elaine I was wondering if you realise you are broke:smack:. If your rent is 80 pounds a week = 320 pounds a month and you are doing 7 client a week at 20 pounds a person=that is 140.00 a week 560.00 a month now take rent from earnings 560-320=240.00. You have 240.00 a month now...
  9. Trini

    Help...acrylic on toes

    You can enhance toe the same as fingers including design,remember to prep extra carfully and make you balls small if its l&p. Good Luck. Trini:Grope:
  10. Trini

    nail polish won't stay on no matter what I do.

    Try buffing the nail to remove shine then Scrub Fresh rub the scrub fresh as if removeing red polish. Hope this helps. Tricia
  11. Trini

    Lifting is driving me nuts!

    Hi there, When I was new to the site my main problem was also lifting.Proper PREP is vital and Scrub Fresh is a lift saver if all else fails Nail Fresh a (nail dehydrator). Also prep all nail together but scrub fresh two at a time and enhance two at a time this worked for me till I got better...
  12. Trini

    Top Coats - Super Shiney vs Out The Door

    I can't live without my Diamond Dry. Dries super fast and a great shine too and do not yellow.:):) Trini
  13. Trini

    1st Dark skinned client, advice....

    I agree Tayviarn in the Caribbean the ladies tend to go more pink but I have color blended to suit the client's taste. It depends on the client prefrence. It does not matter dark or light CBM and client prefrence is the best way to go.:):):)
  14. Trini

    Traveling with nail products? Precautions?

    I would post the kit ahead of your arival,to be on the safe side.
  15. Trini

    Contaminted Gels

    Thanks Lana,will this make the product go yellow or just fine particles in it when I finish the nail.
  16. Trini

    French Tips

    French tips are white and should not be blended only the shine remove. Some clients do not like the look of white tips but do want a pink and white set, which can be done on natural, and clear tips. This is done with white powder for the tip and pink powder for the base. This style nail is very...
  17. Trini

    Contaminted Gels

    Good day fellow geekers, I am a Brisa user and was wondering can you contaminte a gel brush or your pot of gel and how you think it can happen.:eek: Thank you in advance. Trini
  18. Trini

    Slippers... socks or not!

    I voted bear foot. When i was small my mum use to make my brother and myself wear slippers all the time in side out in the yard my foot became so tender that one day when I was about 12 I ran out side to meet my mom, to help with the market bag bear footed because I Left my out side shoe at the...
  19. Trini

    Here I am - NAILS Magazine Article

    Well done Hun its good to see names and faces i know so I can boast I know her to all my friends.:):) :lol: :lol: Trini:lol:
  20. Trini

    Brush Contamination; what actions to take?

    Good day to every one. First i must say the subject of brush contamination is one dear and near to me I like Elyse save my brushes. So one day i thougt u are already spoiled so i'll experament on it. First i soak it in acetone for 24 hrs to remove contamination then soak in citrus soak for 24...