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    Foot stools?

    Hi just wondered if anyone can recommend a good quality comfortable folding padded foot stool to use when doing pedicures mobile.
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    Elleebana lash lift training courses advice

    Does anyone know where I can find elleebana lash lift training courses in the west midlands area uk?
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    Lash lift training

    I'm looking at doing a lashlift training in the new year, Ellebana seems to becoming a popular brand. does anyone know if there is a training school in the West Midlands area, I live in Staffordshire. Could anyone advice me on a reasonable price to charge for this treatment.
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    The best bonder/primer to use with Orly Gelfx and Ibd?

    I use orly gelfx and Ibd gel polish and Iv started doing my own gel polish nails again but finding it is not lasting on me, within a few days it is starting to chip or lift, what is the best bonder or primer I can use that are good for my nails? As I'm getting dishearten as I'm not setting a...
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    Lash lift vs eyelash perming

    Hi all, I'm planning on doing some new training to add to my beauty treatment list and cant decide weather to do either lash lift or eye lash perming! I Wondered if anyone can help me with what the most effective and the best brand to go for? Many thanks Donna
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    I think I have now finely found the right skin care products that best suit me and my mobile business, medik8 I'm due to go on there product knowledge training in Birmingham end of this month, will any therapist be there? What's your thoughts of these products and salon treatments?. As there...
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    Gel polish advice

    Hi all,advice on gel polish,I have been using Orly gel fx gel polish for a while now but can still sometimes have problems with nails chipping after a couple of days? I follow all there steps and use all there products and machine. Where am I going wrong? Is there a better primer out there I...
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    Medik8 skincare

    Hi all I am looking into a skin care brand called medik8 could anyone in the uk tell me what your thoughts are about there products salon treatments and peels?