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    Just sending good wishes to all hairdressers opening tomorrow

    I have messaged my hairdresser and all my hairdressing clients virtual hugs and best wishes for tomorrow. I hope you all have a good nights' sleep and a great start tomorrow. Good luck !!! Love RosieR
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    PPE disposal or washing machine

    I agree with ronray , Dettol make laundry disinfectant. Bought some today !
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    Cleaning wax tools

    Oh ok. I wipe mine with surgical spirit to debride. Then hot wash in detergent, then placed into a barbicide solution until I need it next. I have several sets of tools, but to be honest I never need to use them during a waxing treatment. I just don't cut hairs. Hope that helps.
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    Cleaning wax tools

    I should think that with the lack of replies it is because we are all trained in using disposable spatulas or orange wood sticks. Check with your training provider would be my suggestion, or consult with your insurance provider. My insurance guidelines say "Use disposables wherever possible."...
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    Wrist pain, help!

    I have had no neck pain since being off work, however all this sewing lark has made my thumbs complain a bit.....I am just getting too old for anything involving repetition. I did fancy being a modern day fruit picker as a "land girl" Until my husband said "I'll give you 2 hours there and you...
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    Blistering after waxing

    I think it's meant to be either/ or not both. I am talc trained so hopefully an oil trained geek will advise.
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    Suggestions for best electrical facials, without breaking the bank?

    Yes I have two. An old galvanic machine - I use Kaeso and Hive galvanic gel...whichever I choose for the client. Usually collagen and rose based for anti-ageing and redness prevention. Hive collagen ampoules or caviar ampoules Le club des proffessionels mixed ampoules. Got a mixed assortment...
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    Suggestions for best electrical facials, without breaking the bank?

    Hi again, Oh yes I had read that moisture generating could be disallowed. Spitting from the steamer I remember very well being a problem in my college days. Many moons ago! My clients needed anti ageing to improve skin tone and to provide a gentle face lift using micro-current. The general...
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    Blistering after waxing

    Hormones, sun exposure, very dry skin are some of the pit falls with waxing these delicate areas. You have taken off a small amount of the uppermost layer of skin. The clients' temperature at certain times of the month will cause this. It can cause you an enormous amount of distress and doubt...
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    Suggestions for best electrical facials, without breaking the bank?

    I would start asking questions to your clients, do a basic "would you be interested in having a more advanced facial provided by me?" How much time in your working week have you got for your facials? Some need 2-3 per week for a course of 10/12 sessions. Look at the age of those you wish to...
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    Athletes foot?

    I second that.....yes.
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    How are we all?

    I am just feeling the same Ciderella, not missing it one bit to be honest. After over 38 years in the industry I thought it was what defined me....never thought I could manage without the buzz, chats etc. How wrong was I ! Some clients I have found to really be my friends but not many. They...
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    Antiviral essential oils?

    Is it a recipe that you are asking for? is yes then read on 100ml size bottle One third distilled witch hazel Two thirds distilled water- purified water 20 drops of essential oils in total Bergamot /lemon /tea tree /eucalyptus and that will give you a good balance of anti-septic oils...
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    Clients after Covid-19

    I saw it mentioned in the BABTAC back to work guidelines for beauty and hair salons. It was under the "operational protocols & controls" subsection. It is guidelines that they recommend , not new rules at the moment. It mentioned a non invasive type of thermometer to use on staff...
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    Using the marketing of another company without getting into trouble

    Me too !!! I am sure if you tweak the procedure to suit yourself, and call it your "signature facial" there will be no breach nor conflict. Or add something like acupressure during the procedure to make it different. If it's a French brand then call it your signature french facial .Etc,etc...
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    Facial brands?

    Why not start with something easily affordable and without getting into contracts with reps etc. Definitely can't sing more highly that to recommend Kaeso. Something for every skintype and will suit your start up budget. Alan Howard and Ellisons sell it so easy enough to get hold of. At a...
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    Making a wax only business

    Why not try and put the two together as your treatment package? It seems perfectly logical to me. If you specialise in doing intimate waxing really expertly you will have a very loyal client base...I mean they aren't going to bare all to lots of different therapists and will stay with you if...
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    Going back to work (non beauty/hairdressing)

    Good luck to you too!! I would dread the getting up bit and being late for work. I have slowwwwed right down. A decent gap between you and them may feel less threatening than when you were last there hopefully. Keep us posted please and we will be rooting for you. x
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    Thankyou for your honest reply. I do think I can just look at the money aspect and get what I can. They will not be first on my list when the time comes, I will make them wait .
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    Nails at home with no certificates, any advice?

    Hi zojobs0408 You are only 16, so why not start the right way? Look at college courses and see if you can take a part time course at your local college enabling you to work and build your experience in the best way. There must be funding for someone in your situation, because of your age...