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    Garage conversion advice

    Your first step is to apply for planning permission from your council to convert the garage and permission to run a business from your home then permission from your mortgage provider and home insurer. Depending on the services you offer, you might need to apply for a Special Treatment licence...
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    Just sending good wishes to all hairdressers opening tomorrow

    Hairdressers in Ireland started last Monday and I’m doing my first client next Monday as she’s a good friend. I’m taking it very slowly.
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    Will hair toner dye the wet room floor?

    The other alternative, which I do on myself, is to mix a purple direct dye semi colour with cheap white conditioner so it’s a pastel shade of purple and apply that after using your normal shampoo. Leave it for about five minutes and it will tone your hair and leave it feeling fab too.
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    Want to be specialised mobile hairdresser

    As I out your minimum hourly rate and how long the service will take from start to finish. In your example, if you charged £30 for a service that takes you 2 hours from arrival to leaving, take out the product cost (£15) that gives you an hourly wage of £7.50. Out of this you’d...
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    Clients after Covid-19

    Previously, you’d nip to the client having their bleach highlights and open a couple of foils to check progress, then you’d return to your client and continue cutting her hair. I’ve not read up on U.K. guidelines as I’m in Ireland, but I don’t think that you can do this now unless you’re...
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    Starting a home salon

    If you went ahead without getting permission, your mortgage provider could withdraw your mortgage, your house insurer could refuse to pay out in the event of a claim, and the council could fine you for running a business from home illegally.
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    Want to be specialised mobile hairdresser

    I applaud your charitable principles but when choosing to work on a self employed basis, you do need to look very carefully at your costs, otherwise, you’ll end up earning far less than minimum wage. I think when you’ve examined the figures, you’ll realise that those hairdressers coming into the...
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    Will hair toner dye the wet room floor?

    I agree with @ronray. A touch of Silver is a purple shampoo so will tone blonde hair but the reason that it’s a lot cheaper to buy than most salon brands is because they use cheap detergents to bulk it out and so it actually dries out the hair more and overuse will lead to breakage. There...
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    How much do you charge for an elderly lady’s perm?

    The thing is...perming is a dying art. Not many students learn to perm nowadays so fewer hairdressers can do it and without practice, some are far less competent. As @ronray says, clients are willing to pay a decent price if they get a good service and the perm lasts well. Don't undersell...
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    Assignment problems

    Potentially, a criminal charge of assault.
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    Introducing myself!

    Hello and welcome back. :)
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    Teaching, how to go about it?

    As above... It depends on whether you want to teach people how to do the treatments for themselves and friends at home or whether you want to teach towards a more recognised qualification, in which case you’ll need to liaise with a professional examining body such as VTCT, City & Guilds etc...
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    Ash over brass!

    I’m guessing from your description that it’s lifted to an 8? Are you toning at the level lifted or colouring it lighter? If you want to tone it then you’ll need a level 8 purple ash but it depends what brands you normally use.
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    Ash over brass!

    I don’t know what that is? Is it a toner?
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    PPE for hairdressers

    I think they’re all just guidelines rather than strictly legal requirements as that would require a bill and debate in Parliament. However, I recommend giving your insurer a call and check what their position is before you start seeing clients. They might introduce a special COVID clause to...
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    Please take a look at hair extension price list, need opinions?

    OP hasn’t been back since Lockdown began.
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    Advice for 12 year old!

    Also, EU labelling regulations require that these products are labelled as ‘not suitable for persons under 16’, and that applies to products marketed to non professionals as well as salon only products.
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    Pre pig help

    You’ve not explained what it is that you’re trying to achieve. What’s her natural level and is there any natural root regrowth or are you saying that she’s only recently box dyed her roots and so no root regrowth, and it’s all coloured? If the ends are extremely porous, you could try a...
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    Wow - the ugly face of disappointment!

    Oh yes! Contact ACAS and tell them that your think your ex bosses know what they’re doing is illegal but persuaded you that you would be employed eventually if you accepted their current terms for a few months, but they’ve still not agreed to employ you properly. HMRC can investigate and if...
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    Advice for 12 year old!

    It’s up to the parents to manage what dangerous chemicals their child has access to. Obviously a child can’t purchase the products online themselves, so presumably the parents don’t care about the possibility of creating lifelong allergies for their child?